School Orders Student Opposed to Gun Control to be Psychologically Evaluated

frank harvey

Young Frank Harvey is a man of principle.

He won’t be going back to school after school officials demonized him for doing a class assignment that showed that guns save lives.

Instead, he’s working on his GED.

Frank probably doesn’t realize it, but he’s just a pawn in the New World Order game to enslave us. A key plank in the leftist framework is to demonize people as mentally ill when their way of thinking deviates from the (((globalist))) agenda.

Anti-gun-control video project gets H.S. student suspended

MANVILLE — A high school senior says he was suspended and ordered to undergo a psychological exam for completing an anti-gun-control school project he was assigned.

Manville school officials ordered a student who made an anti-gun control video to undergo a psychological evaluation before being allowed back in class, according to a report.

Frank Harvey said a Manville High School teacher instructed him to create a video arguing against gun control for a junior college readiness class last year, according to News 12 New Jersey.

Harvey produced a video that provided examples of people who used guns to defend themselves from home invaders, the report said. His video also displayed anti-gun-control political cartoons.

The teenager ran into trouble when he mistakenly left the thumb drive with the project on it in a computer in the school library. Someone found it and turned it over to the school administration, who then contacted police.

Manville police cleared Harvey but district officials suspended him and said he’d have to undergo a five-hour evaluation before being allowed back in school because the teacher said she didn’t recall giving him the assignment.

Harvey and his mother refused, according to News 12. He’s since withdrawn from school and is pursuing a GED.

School officials refused to comment to News 12.

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8 thoughts on “School Orders Student Opposed to Gun Control to be Psychologically Evaluated

  1. I’ve always been a “troublemaker,” and can remember at least two occasions when a teacher told me, in front of the rest of the class, that I “would either end up in an insane asylum or in prison.” Sixty years later, I’m still a troublemaker, and I’ve managed to prove those two cocksuckers wrong. THEY are probably in an insane asylum or in prison.

  2. Wow you’re posts are hitting my core this morning. Manville Nj ~ know it well as in the county just south of my former home. This incident brought a memory to mind that had been long buried, or so I thought. Over winter vacation the school notified my family I would not be allowed back until I had a psychological evaluation. My crime? My indicator of mental malfeasance? I would not dissect a dead cat. It had been an ongoing battle which began the previous year with dissection of frogs which I also refused to do. When my parents were not supportive in the cat caper and wanted to drag me off to be analyzed, I reached out to the American Anti-Vivisection Society which was in PA. Thank God for them as I really had zero support from anyone.They were all to willing to think I was mentally disturbed or as my sweet stepmother said, “You’re crazy”. Now many states have enacted laws that allow students to use alternative to dissection such as computer programs. What a difference that has made for the D’s of today who oppose dissection. Where I was whispered about and shunned by many peers, they have a choice. I’m happy for these kids as HS is bad enough but when the administration makes a decision a student has psychological problems because their principals or rationale goes against some administrators, they are setting the student up for failure unless they have a supportive family. Sad to see that while education has made leaps forward in some areas, they’re still antiquated others.

    Dare I look at your next post? I was offline most of yesterday afternoon and all evening so playing catch up. Warning, if I see any AJ ones I might just start foaming at the mouth like a rabid skunk.

  3. Good for standing your ground, biology was an elective for me so I didn’t take it. However, future doctors MUST go through this in order to save lives on the table. I’m glad my doctor, who conducted live saving emergency surgery on me, wasn’t as squeamish.

    And I hope this young and brave kid goes on to become someone who can break the anti-gun grip the jews and their lackies have on us.

  4. My real last name is Harvey (Anglicized from hAirmheadhaigh, meaning “grandson of Airmed [the Irish goddess of herbalism]”), so I feel a kinship with this unappreciated hero of his town. May he be with our ranks in the final battle.

  5. When I went to school, we had hunters safty course in the 6th grade, 1st day of deer season was an excused absence and most trucks in the parking lot had a rifle or shotgun in a gun rack

    • I recall that in rural areas boys and their dads would go hunting together. A .22 Remington for Christmas was a natural gift. Every family had a hunting dog too. Life was natural then. Today, Marxist whores like Hillary Clinton would deny us these simple pleasures and eventually send us to the ovens.

      • Lol got my 1st .22 when I was 8, my own hunting dog 2 years later.

        Culturally the dog was considered more responsibility because I had to tend to her, and train her.

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