Prostitution Decriminalized In California For Minors

Governor Moonbeam believes that you can stop teen prostitution (gay and heterosexual) by abolishing the law against it.

Liberals are either wack jobs like Governor Jerry Brown or so stupid they must not know their ass from a hole in the ground.

CBS Local Sacramento via

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California Gov. Jerry Brown is approving legislation decriminalizing prostitution for minors and taking other steps to make life after human trafficking easier for those forced into it.

The Democratic governor announced Monday he signed SB1322 to ban police from charging people under the age of 18 with prostitution.
He also signed bills allowing people to defend themselves against additional criminal charges or records if they were coerced to commit an offense as a human trafficking victim.

Others will raise the age from 13 to 15 that kids can testify outside a courtroom in human trafficking cases, protect victims’ names from disclosure and mandate they have access to county services.

In vetoing financial assistance for sex-crime victims, Brown says the state budget includes $19 million next year for similar services.

teen prostitutes

Many American underage girls already make their own pornography via their smartphone cameras and distribute it via social media.

What do you think? Will children like the girl pictured above make the decision to become prostitutes to pay for their smartphones, makeup, cars, and clothes now that they’re above the law?

19 thoughts on “Prostitution Decriminalized In California For Minors

  1. So this is the new way to fight ‘crime’? Just remove laws? The kids are going to unwittingly destroy themselves and when they are busted old losers will wish somebody imposed order upon them.

      • No, I’m following standard practice, which is to use photos relevant to the story. No one is nearly naked and the first pic is not of teenagers as far as I know.

      • Some of the photos are close to the edge. Even looking at whatever is defined as child porn is a crime. So if some site puts up such images without my knowledge and I look at them without any criminal intent, I am guilty. Especially anyone who downloads such photos or makes a copy of them on their computer, then they are in for a lifetime of being called a sex offender. Naturally, newspapers every day publish photos of children which could get a man arrested and even jailed if he took the photo himself in the street.

      • Check out the story of the old man selling Nazi flags and his criminal record involving child porn.

        Nude children are not child porn. The U.S. courts have ruled that they have to be engaging in sex acts or else it’s art. I won’t link to Wikipedia but the Wikipedia article on art photographer Sally Mann has pics of nude children. SHE has never been prosecuted for child pornography, but if a man had taken those same pics …

        The top photo here is what you see everyday in the street or at a big university during summer classes. The bottom one is more provocative, but a selfie of the type that millions of girls send to their friends. Thus, the question posed at the end of the post.

      • Money changers were giving an unfair balance. They were not praying without ceasing. Arresting is not good. People are responsible to God for how they are. The element we should not have are Muslims. They are evil to all life no matter what the age. They are evil to dogs.

  2. So the kiddies are acting legally. What about their clients? A man might still get 20 years for having sex with an underage female (or male) prostitute in sunny California. No man asks a prozzie to show identity papers or proof of age so far as I know.
    There are many strange laws on this subject. Usually the client of a prostitute is not charged but often is, as in the USA, where entrapment by cops is also allowed. I have seen this on Worlds Wackiest Police Entrapments.
    in Sweden, the prostitute is not charged with any offense. But the client is. This is the idea that women are always victims, prostitutes are victims, and client men are evil and guilty.
    Pimps can be charged but rarely are, even though they keep up to 70% of the income.

    • As far as I can tell the client will be charged, but I suppose only if the client is over 18. If the client, man or woman, is under 18 then how could he or she be charged? I can picture rings of prostitutes, run by underage pimps where the pimps don’t get charged. It’s already happened. I think I have a post on an underage colored girl madam who was running other underage girls.

      It’s best to keep it illegal for everyone, although New Orleans Storyville offers an interesting example of a time in history when men had the right to go to houses of prostitution. I can’t recall, but it may hae been illegal in Storyville, but the police were being paid off.

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