Old Man Selling Swastika Flag Banned from Fair

lawrence betsinger nazi flag

That picture of Lawrence Betsinger shows the classic traveling vendor, the white guy selling all kinds of merchandise. Betsinger, born in 1944, could be sitting in front of his TV enjoying retirement, except because of the (((globalists))) a comfortable retirement is increasingly hard to come by.

One item in his inventory has gotten him banned and then smeared in the press for an old crime.

The State

A Pennsylvania fair vendor, who turned out to be a registered sex offender, was booted from the event after visitors complained that he was selling Nazi flags.

Visitors to the Bloomsburg Fair, which started Saturday, posted photos of the vendor’s flags on the fair’s Facebook page. The photos showed a red-and-white flag with a black swastika draped from one side of a booth and a flag endorsing Donald Trump and declaring “Make America Great Again” on the other side.

lawrence betsinger nazi trump flags

The fair’s president, Paul Reichart, said he became aware of the issue Monday morning. Officials removed the Nazi flags for sale and initially let the vendor, Lawrence Betsinger, continue to operate.

Patrons later posted photos of the booth showing that the Nazi flag had been replaced with a Confederate flag.

By Monday afternoon, officials decided to shut down the booth entirely after deeming other items, including bumper stickers, offensive.

“We like this to be a clean, American fair,” Reichart said. “We’re family-oriented and we don’t tolerate these things.”

The Associated Press was unable to locate a phone number for Betsinger, but he told Philadelphia magazine he has sold such items for 45 years and he doesn’t see why it is a problem just because some people complained.

“If you don’t want it, don’t look at it,” he told the magazine. “I’m not making anybody buy it. I guess there’s no First Amendment at the Bloomsburg Fair.”

The fair, about 130 miles northwest of Philadelphia, features amusement rides, concerts and agriculture exhibits.

In 2007, Betsinger pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in a deal with prosecutors.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he told the magazine. He said he downloaded some items online “and now I’m being punished for the rest of my life.”

He’s required to sign on to the Megan’s Law sex offender registry, and appeared to update the site with his temporary residence in Bloomsburg.

The juxtaposing of the so-called Nazi flag with the Trump banner is intended to smear Trump. Betsinger brought merchandise that would sell. Thus, he probably had no Hillary banners in his inventory.

Whatever the facts of his plea bargain and appearance on a sex offender registry, it has nothing to do with a swastika flag.

So, what we have is the press slandering someone because they don’t like his possible right wing politics.

If I were writing this story, I would run a headline something like this:

Elderly Man Trying to Make A Living Censored, First Amendment Dead

The villain in this piece is the fair, which has no real justification for banning Betsinger.

7 thoughts on “Old Man Selling Swastika Flag Banned from Fair

  1. Saboteur, White people had better begin to realize just how serious this and all of the other things which are going on today really are. These are not isolated events happening only at random. These are patterns of unconstitutional actions designed to deprive White people of their freedom and to make them learn to accept it and to cower in fear. They begin with a random few and it is spread to the general poplation after the intended conditionings have set in.

    The militant BLM and the leftist jews who direct them and other such activities against White Americans, such as the denial of rights which are supposed to be constitutionally protected as in the fair-vendor situation, are acting as the Antifi soldiers of the jewish communists, led by the jewish Cheka, just as they did in the USSR. These actions precede the actual hunting down and murders of White men, women and children, which are planned to happen as more control is obtained. The mass of White people have been slowly conditioned to find these acceptable, and to not resist or object, and to view them as being only a reflection of our turbulent times, but there is no way that they are. An awareness about it can jeapordize their diabolical plans, but only if people can actually recognize where these patterns are intended to lead, and prepare to put a swift and final end to them.

    Here is a link to a video which I found on a Belgian news site which it seems is being withheld and is being censored from being shown on the “American” jews-media sites. It is about a White Trump supporter who was trying to take a selfie at a BLM event, who was attacked and almost escaped his initial attackers before a more militant group of negroes renewed a much more violent attack. It is in Dutch language so I can’t tell you what is being said, but the story is obvious from the video.


    • I know. Ten years ago I was on the Drudge Report, being made an example of by a Marxist turd. It is part of a pattern. The particular Marxist who was hoping I would kill myself is a “Mexican” (muh-heh-cano) Supremacist who desires to genocide the white race via miscegenation with Mexicans. It’s an ancient Aztec prophecy that they will rule the world. The Jews will have something to say about who rules the world. I doubt they will sit around and let Mexicans have any real power.

  2. “Patrons later posted photos of the booth showing that the Nazi flag had been replaced with a Confederate flag.”
    Well done, the guy has guts.

    “We like this to be a clean, American fair,” Reichart said. “We’re family-oriented and we don’t tolerate these things.”” Reichart sounds like yet another Jewy name. Is Reichart aware that the US is the porn producing capital of the world. The USA produces non stop filth at Hollywood also, which promotes both violence and miscegenation. The USA is the worlds biggest user of illegal drugs and heavily involved iin the production and distribution of same (Why no articles on this drugs issue Paladin?) . The Taliban was ousted in Afghanistan to get the production of opium happening again for the USA markets, not to get girls back to school. Not to mention weapons manufacture and sale, a mostly truly evil business which the USA leads. Fluoride added to drinking water, (((Monsanto))), fracking etc, the list goes on. Most of all, the biggest crime is the counterfeit production of unlimited US dollars by Ubers, which the US Govt borrow and pays interest on. How can any future fair be “clean” when the USA is infested with swarms of shitskins and Googles?”

    But a rural fair pretends that the 1950s are still here. Though, in the 1950s you could buy a swastika flag and also original WWII items with no problems. Even collecting WWII German memorabilia is now all but criminalised. (((eBay))) refuses to list such items.

  3. “Last Thursday a book burning event took place in the city of Or Yehuda, a small city outside of Tel-Aviv. The event was a local reaction to the intensive activity of Christian missionaries from the sect of “Messianic Judaism” in one of the city’s neighborhoods. The missionaries went door-to-door and distributed written materials, including the New Testament.”

    ““Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people” Heinrich Heine 1821.


    I am saying that banning the sale of swastika flags is one step closer to killing people who do not conform, as Flanders wrote above.

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