NJ Train Crash Kills One, Injures 100: Excessive Speed Blamed


It’s far too early to determine why a commuter train crashed in the Hoboken train station this morning. Everyone has acknowledged that it was going too fast as it approached the station. Since the speed was under the control of the engineer, the question that must be answered is why the engineer didn’t slow down and/or brake the train. Early speculation is that he suffered a heart attack before the crash. His name has not been released. He is in critical condition, but allegedly cooperating with the investigation.

Everyone in authority is also claiming that there was no terrorist motive or involvement, even though bombs were found near the Elizabeth station earlier this month. That’s probably true.

There is, however, a factor that needs discussion since the mainstream media will never bring it up. That factor is race.

More about race after the story.

Excerpt from NBC New York

A woman died and more than 100 other people were hurt when an NJ Transit train crashed into the station in Hoboken at the height of Thursday’s morning rush, leaving twisted piles of metal and cables and causing part of the highly trafficked terminal to collapse.

Sources familiar with the investigation told NBC 4 New York the woman who died was in her 30s and had been standing on the platform when train No. 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line barreled into the terminal at 8:45 a.m.

Preliminary reports suggest the crash was either accidental or caused by operator error, according to five law enforcement officials. They stressed it was early in the investigation, though.

People pulled concrete off bleeding victims, and passengers crawled out of windows crying and screaming, after the arriving train smashed through a barrier at the end of its track and ground to a halt in a covered waiting area. Pictures on social media showed at least one of the NJ Transit cars partially inside the station, with some of the supporting beams that hold up the canopy over the tracks caved in around it.

Photos showed emergency crews standing on piles of rubble, peering into the mangled wreckage of the train in a frantic search for survivors. Early correspondence on emergency radio conveyed the gravity of the situation.

“I have heavy structural damage. I have people trapped on the train. We’re gonna need support. Major major casualties,” a first responder was heard saying on Jersey City fire radio. “We need a command post set up and we’re going to need extracation tools on the train. We have a train into a structure.”

The honest truth is that highly trained, anal retentive white men make the best pilots, engineers, and drivers. The Hudson River plane landing lionized in the movie Sully offers an example.

Nonwhites are rarely seen in the cockpits of commericial airliners for a reason. They’re careless.

Thus, if the Hoboken crash train was piloted by a nonwhite male, it wouldn’t be surprising. It’s not that white men don’t make mistakes. It’s just that they are less likely to be negligent in their duties.

If a nonwhite was at the controls, he will probably be found to be smoking weed or have other drugs in his system. Or perhaps he was twerking to Beyonce. It could be he fell asleep after a night of partying.

If there is a racial angle to the story, it will never surface in the press. Race matters when the public safety is involved, but there’ll never be an acknowledgement of that fact.

It’s highly doubtful that there is a terrorist angle to the crash. However, this Tweet brings up the subject.

All the Monday morning quarterbacks are out in force, blaming the political process for there being no co-engineer on board. They’re also blaming the politicians for the absence of a computer override system which would automatically brake the train.

There’s some validity to those complaints. But commercial jets that have the latest and greatest technology still crash.

4 thoughts on “NJ Train Crash Kills One, Injures 100: Excessive Speed Blamed

    • We’ll see. This post is the only one on the Internet to mention the significance of race in accidents like this. I did several of these posts a couple of years ago, covering the same ground after a train “accident.”

      I see the significance of race where others do not. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse.

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