New Playboy Centerfold is Ugly Hijab Wearing Muslim


That centerfold photo of Noor Tagouri above will probably have you pondering how quickly men are going to be canceling their subscriptions to Playboy magazine.

The old Jew pornographer, Hugh Hefner, who allegedly enjoyed group sex with 12 year old girls in his youthful prime, has always been at the forefront in perpetrating Jew psy ops on American white men.

His advocacy of Jewish materialism and perversion, wrapped in a slick package imbued with pseudo-intellectualism and respectability, turned many a baby boomer white male into a counterfeit Jew.

Hef is still at it, but ain’t nobody got time for what he’s peddling now. This “Muslim chicks are hot” psy op ain’t gonna fly. Muslims are for banning, not for ***king.

Daily Mail

A Muslim journalist has posed for Playboy magazine wearing a hijab – a first for the publication that until a year ago favored nude models.

Noor Tagouri, 22, appears in the October issue as part of the 2016 Renegades series, which celebrates creators who bend the rules of their respective trades.

Tagouri, a first-generation Libyan American from West Virginia, says she dreams of being the first hijab-wearing anchor on US commercial television.

noor tagouri news anchor

She garnered attention online in 2012, when she posted a photo of herself at an ABC 7 News desk, with the caption: ‘The first hijab wearing news anchor on American television.’

The post went viral and became a campaign with the hashtag #LetNoorShine, which encouraged others to embrace their identities and pursue their dreams.

Tagouri, a University of Maryland graduate, recounted the campaign in a TED Talk in May last year. She now works at Newsy, a video news network.

Tagouri has received backlash for her appearance in Playboy. Some people were shocked to see a Muslim woman in the magazine.

‘Do we really need to go down the route of associating with an institution based on the objectification of women in the name of challenging perceptions and celebrating female empowerment?’ asked blogger Nishaat Ismail, who also wears a hijab, on The Independent’s website.

‘Is this really how we reclaim our own narrative?’

Some critics took jabs at her online with the hashtag #hoejabi.

But Tagouri told Playboy she didn’t pay attention to the negative comments.

‘It’s just negative energy and unhealthy. I make sure to keep a great circle of people around me who keep me grounded,’ she said.

Whether it’s at work or at home, the people who have my best interest at heart voice their concerns and their critiques, and I work on them. Besides that, I just do the best I can to not worry about people who get upset because they don’t like something that I wear or say.’

Others, like Slate video producer and editor Aymann Ismail, celebrated Tagouri’s decision to pose in Playboy.

‘Far too often, Muslim women are being told how to dress and behave by groups who are neither women nor Muslim,’ Ismail wrote.

‘For Muslim women who choose the hijab, the outward presentation of their faith makes them vulnerable to both sides of an increasingly polarizing and politicized conversation about the rights of women.

‘That is why when someone like Noor Tagouri speaks out and treads new ground as an individual, she deserves the full support of the entire Muslim community.’

Yawn. This psy op isn’t going to change anybody’s taste in women. Why would any white man want a sex partner who might be a jihadist?

gif muslim jihadi boom kill you

16 thoughts on “New Playboy Centerfold is Ugly Hijab Wearing Muslim

  1. I see she’s posing in front of a painting of the American flag with bullet holes in it. Her approval of this says plainly that muslims plan to destroy and take over the US with their shit religion. Very obvious.

  2. Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    Thomas Sundbäck @ThomasSndbk
    I was wrong earlier, criticizing @playboy for including a hijab model. It was needed, now idiots are coming out of closet screaming
    2:14 AM – 28 Sep 2016

    @ThomasSndbk @Playboy Posing in front of our Flag with bullet holes? Obviously saying these mud nuts plan to take over the US.


  3. Guess Playboy is really hitting new lows, but in reality, it was always bullshyte. Lighting, airbrushing, fake boobs, make up….smoke and mirrors. Even Larry Flynt who ran Hustler stated in so many words that Playboy was BS because it was making promises of poon galore to the regular working man when in fact, Playboy was selling a lie while the fat cats were laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. There is a lot of symbolism in the top flag. The bullet holes plus several other nasty looking symbols. A woman grimacing like a rattle snake. The photo says that she hates the USA and wants to destroy it – not to take it over.
    That is my take. IMO, the Muzzie should have refused to pose in front of this perversion of the flag.
    The flag could be a heroic flag from the revolution days (but too many stars), shot up by the British, or much more likely it could be a futuristic flag, how things will be in 50 years from now, if Hilary wins. Or even the present after 50 years of Uber control and degradation by the ((media)) of the public mind since 1966.

    ((Hefner))) is a cunt who should have been jailed as a pedo many times over. He would be guilty of statutory rape also and probably has done a “Cosby” on many women.

    • It would be delightful to see Jew Hef facing criminal charges. Too big to jail though, I suspect. He must have a lot of dirt on a lot of people. Were there hidden cameras recording the debauchery that judges and power brokers did at his parties? Yep, I have no doubt. The Jew is the master of the hidden camera.

      • Often the hidden camera can be a crime and a very serious one. E.g. one in a bathroom. A child uses the bathroom and is filmed naked. This is then a very serious sex pedo offence, even if the camera owner did not have this in mind. E.g. intent was trying to catch a cheating spouse, not filming kiddies.

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