Breaking Video: Latino-Looking Trump Supporter Attacked and Beaten by El Cajon Protesters



A filthy leftist Hillary supporter offered this commentary to the beating:

I’m not sure that this is the same Trump supporter as in the 18 minute youtube video below, but I think it is. This one is very short.

The long version can be watched below. It shows that nonwhites are using cap man as a proxy for their hatred not just of Trump, but of every white person alive in America. That’s true, even though he appears to be a Latino.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 28, 2016

Attacked, beaten, thrown to the ground and kicked live on periscope. Zombie mob then proceeds to follow him until he is rescued by police. SO PEACEFUL THEY ARE.

The mainstream media has not picked up this story. They probably won’t. Make it go viral. Share the videos with everyone you know who might be interested, including in comments on mainstream sites.

Wake up, white man. Getting your ass kicked and killed is your future unless you fight back now with every weapon at your disposal.

The time for peace is over. It’s a race war NOW.

12 thoughts on “Breaking Video: Latino-Looking Trump Supporter Attacked and Beaten by El Cajon Protesters

  1. “✌❤⚛ (((Muffy))) ⚛❤✌ @Muffissness
    Man wearing #Trump hat got attacked by anti-police brutality protesters in #ElCajon, #California. HAHAHA!!! FUCK HIM http://iamawhitetraitorcunt

    This white woman sees no irony. Note the girly hearts symbol (love??), the V for victory, and one is the symbol warning of isotopes, the symbol of deadly radiation, or for Israels nuclear bombs maybe? Or a (((hippy))) flower? Antiviolence protesters beat kick and stomp a man whose cap they do not like. He was not wearing a cap saying “I support law enforcement”. His skin is not dark enough for them.

    The paid masked (((antifas))) people wear black, the favorite colour of genuine fascists. They are ultra violent against mild people who dare to vote against Uber interests. Antifas are in fact true fascists. Come the day, they will lead the Cheka and mass murder white Church goers openly just as (((they))) did in the Soviet Union.

    If Trump wins a lot of these criminal attackers will be jailed. If Hillary wins the victims will be jailed.

    • I took out any reference to Muffy’s being a Jew because I tweeted the link to this post to the Trump people and Trump himself. I hope some of them see this and find a way to use it against Hillary.

      Originally, I had written that Muffy was a “filthy Jew whore.” LOL.

      If Hillary wins, everyone in the country will be required to attend diversity training. I quietly refused to attend when I was at the university. It was all feminist anti white bullsh*t. I went to the first session, but they make you take refresher courses every year. After the first, I never went again.

  2. Way past time something was done about these violent left-wing fascists. It has been going on in Britain for years now.

      • They have been protected by the (((elites))), the media and politicians. They are rarely arrested. When they are often they are released without charge. When they are charged and appear in court, the cases are usually dismissed, or fine given. Custodial sentences are extremely rare.

        Ie “In the run-up to a protest by the English Defence League (EDL) in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north east of England, this weekend, the pro-Labour, state-funded, ‘anti-racist'”

        “state-funded” violent thugs. Disgusting behavior from the PTB.

      • Antifas are big in Australia also. Always the black gear and full face covering, usually have weapons such as batons with them. They disrupt any attempt by whites to protest the genocide of whites. Yet most left wing demonstrations are not disrupted. It is the left that hates free speech.

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