Video: Niggas Control German Girls

Just published September 27. Be among the first to see it. You’ll better understand why blacks and browns openly admit they are flocking to Germany to “f*ck” white girls. The a**holes sure as hell didn’t go to Germany to work. Around a minute in length.

13 thoughts on “Video: Niggas Control German Girls

  1. This video could be funny to the certain extent, because Niggers got themselves disgusting White sacks of tallow only, but unfortunately and in reality African Bootlips are catching themselves much better White meat then this.

    What is disturbing is that this goes exactly as had been planned long time ago by already infamous Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. This is what EU Founding Father Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote in Practischer Idealismus 1925 – “We (Jews) intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros … ruled over by the Jews”. EU is Jewish genocidal project for extinction of white race!

    FIRST EVER Charlemagne Prize medal was awarded in 1950 to Richard N Coudenhove-Kalergi, author of Practical Idealism 1925, and what is Charlemagne Prize?

    From Wikipedia” – “The Charlemagne Prize (German: Karlspreis; full name originally Internationaler Karlspreis der Stadt Aachen, International Charlemagne Prize of the City of Aachen, since 1988 Internationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen, International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen) is one of the most prestigious European prizes. It has been awarded annually since 1950 by the German city of Aachen to people who contributed to the IDEALS upon which it has been founded. It commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire and founder of what became the Holy Roman Empire”

    Two heads of EU Parliament, one Jew, the other (non-Jew) German were reworded:

    Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commision in was Prize winner of Coudenhove-Kalergi during a ceremony in Vienna Austria 07. May 2014

    President of EU Parliament Martin Schulz (Social Democratic Party) was winner of Charlemagne Prize in 2015

    If we rewind back in the history in the WW2, Hitler should have known for Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and almost for sure THIS was the reason why he went for the extermination of Jews. As it appears, Holocaust was justified preemptive strike in prevention of PLANNED WHITE GENOCIDE by Jews.

    Why it didn’t succeed – because Jews arranged conflict between Hitler and Stalin and brought America in the war, same as they did in the WW1. Of course, as the actual winners of WW2 they wrote the history and keep modifying it.

    To all random visitors of Paladin’s blog, eventually interested but unaware of WHITE GENOCIDE REALITY, I am offering collection of INTERESTING REFERENCES:

    Using the Refugee Migration Crisis to Build the New World Order

    EUF: White Genocide Exposed in EU Parliament


    EU Parliament said Tolerance Law is Genocide

    French Tolerance of their Flood of The Dark Races

    Miscegenation is NWO plan for White Genocide

    Race-Mixing…END of the WHITE Race?

    General Patton On jews and Germans

    Muslim Migration Into Europe: Eurabia Come True?

    (3,000,000 “refugees” has been planned for 2016 alone, and this will contnue…)

    Also try – white women destroying white race
    (Don’t Google it, because Googling is already flawed, almost worthless search

    Check on IsraAID too

    SPECIAL REPORT: IsraAid helping Syrians off the boats in Greece

    Israelis Lend a Helping Hand to Syrian Refugees in Greece

    Israeli Group Aids Refugees Being Deported by Europe

    Israaid Help Refugees in Greece

    Red Ice Live – Israeli NGO Helping Migrant Boats Reach Europ

    However, no Syrian refugees in NEIGHBORING Israel!
    The major question is – will there ever be a massive White uprising in the US and EU?

  2. This video is also a canticle to miscegenation where Diversity is Negro’s fun in the Multicultural game – “Chasing Down White People” – with the purpose – “Less White People”.

    Word Racist is the weapon in psychological Anti-White warfare, where Racism is anti-white code-word to detonate psychological IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in the heads of week, meek and sheeple Whites.

    Below are the Four Holly Rules of White’s Racial Transformation:

    Forced immigration – in only white countries
    Forced integration – in only white living spaces
    Forced Assimilation – MSM promoting miscegenation 24/7
    Forced indoctrination – Massive anti-white propaganda

    Noel Ignatiev University professor Massachusetts school of arts said – “The task is to bring this minority together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of Whiteness to continue to reproduce”

    Definition of genocide – Article II of the UN convention of Genocide

    (a) Killing members of the group
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

    American Melting Pot and EU are Jewish genocidal inventions for extinction of White Race!

    • I actually would get offended by what this guy is saying but Louisiana is an antithesis to everything that he says. One in every eight so called white person has negro ancestry that can be traced back to the past 11 generations. Louisiana is a very amalgamated state, more than some people care to understand. We have our own generes of music that all have black roots and white people flock to to enjoy. Louisiana had the “placage system” and the laEd that were designed to separate the races actually led to the amalgamation of the races. Africans who came across on the slave ships gave Louisiana gumbo. “Gombos” is the African word for “okra”. I love okra. It is part of my heritage and my roots. My son is black, Cajun, Creole, Native American and sixth generation Texas Mexican. The planet is becoming more and more amalgamated and more and more multi-racial. I follow “mixed babies” on FaceBook and these babies are more multi-racial and multi-ethnic than ever before. I guess some people have a hard time dealing with reality is because to them handling the truth is like being raped.

      • Too bad you don’t have an edit button because I am typing on an iPhone and sometimes my monkey shaped fingers hit the wrong keys. I wanted to say that one in every eight so called white people in the state of Louisiana has negro ancestry that is traceable back to the past 11 generations. I also wanted to say that the laws that were created to separate the races in Louisiana actually led to the amalgamation of the races and our unique cultural heritage.

      • I grew up in Chalmette, Louisiana. You’re giving a perspective that has some truth to it, but it certainly is not the whole story. That “unique cultural heritage” you’re talking about did not exist when I was growing up. It’s a relatively new development. One thing you left out is the “salt and pepper” type neighborhood segregation that typifies New Orleans. One block on a street might be mixed or all black. The next block might be white. The lower ninth ward was all black, however. I had to drive through there to get to UNO when I attended the university.

        If you’re trying to make the point that integration works, then bear in mind the white flight that took place and is still taking place. Blacks and whites may mix in a music festival but still live separate lives for the most part.

      • It is what it is. 11 generations or not, the white Luisianians are white now. The Western world is becoming more amalgamated, the planet as such, is not. Interesting info though, I am gonna do a little googling on what you’ve written, thanks.

      • Dear Ms Coon Creole. This article is about Germany, white beached whales, and the African invasion. Why do you always write about Louisiana? Very interesting for you but this article has noting to do with slavery or with Louisiana or the French or Native Americans (Injuns). These Coon invaders of Europe are not slaves and never were, but their ancestors may have sold your ancestors. They are free men who freely ran away from wars and left their wives and children to die, or be raped or sold as slaves by nice Africans and nice Arabs. To white men this type of behavior is unthinkable.
        “Women and children” first is the White mans mantra.
        “Women and children last” is the mantra of the Black man and the Musloid man.

  3. All in Germany since c 1945 are j.e.w.s., esp the asi-an demon-j.e.w.s. and dark-poop-demon-j.e.w.s., since The 100% Pure Judahite-White-Germans (Spirit People) were all Genocided Off, As Every Other White (Spirit) People, everywhere else. so these dark-poop-demons are merely flocking together with other demons (j.e.w.s.) since c. 1945, of course. “demons without a brain flock together”.

  4. At Cajun Creole:

    Louisiana is a shyte-hole

    People are of mixed race there because Irish men took up with African women as second wives after their first wives, Irish women, died from being run into the ground. 38 percent of Kwan blacks have Irish DNA.

    Re: the use of the term ‘white’… It’s bullshyte because N Africans, middle Easterners, and Jews call themselves white.

    I look at things thru a tribal lense.

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