Sh*tstorm Brewing as Racist White Police Gun Down Innocent Black Man for No Reason at All in El Cajon, California


The race war is coming. Blacks refuse to obey lawful orders, then get killed.

Following the killings, the media push the narrative that paints all cops as racist killers just itching to get a black individual in their gunsights.

The object of the narrative is to nationalize local policing, with an eye to decreasing enforcement of the law and increasing crime until the public demands a leftist dictator (a new Obama) confiscate all guns. At that point, as they used to say, “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

Alfred Ologo will become the new Trayvon Martin for the left, a mentally ill, mental midget whose life wasn’t worth a hill of beans, being used to destroy the little left of the Constitution.

Al Jazeera

Police in the California city of San Diego shot and killed a mentally ill, unarmed black man after his sister called the department for assistance.

Police from the El Cajon suburb released a statement late Tuesday night, several hours after the shooting outside the Broadway Village Shopping Center, confirming that the man died in hospital. His family have named him as 30-year-old Alfred Olango.

Police had been called over by Olango’s sister, who said that he was acting strangely and not himself. The aftermath of the fatal shooting was filmed by a bystander who posted the clip live to Facebook. That video has been viewed almost 40,000 times.

“Why couldn’t you tase him? I told you he is sick. And you guys shot him!” Olango’s siser can be heard telling officers in the video. “I called police to help him, not to kill him.”

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said that the man was not armed. He added that Olango ignored calls to remove his hands from his pockets and pulled out an object out. Olango then pointed the object in a “shooting stance” toward two officers, prompting one of the officers to open fire, Davis said.

Local news agency CBS8 reported that “several witnesses alleged that the officers were unduly quick to open fire and suggested that their actions had been influenced by the fact that they were dealing with a black man, one they described as mentally challenged”.

“One man angrily told reporters at the news conference that the victim was suffering a seizure prior to the shooting, and another described seeing him with his hands raised at the moment the shots sounded,” CBS8 said.

The shooting spurred protests at the scene for several hours, alleging police racism. Demonstrations were also later held outside the police department.

The department released a photo still taken from a cellphone video of the moment. Police said an object had been recovered from the scene, but did not say what that object was.

According to Mapping Police Violence, Olango has become the 217th black American to be killed by police so far this year. offers in-depth coverage of the shooting and the aftermath.

Below, if you have the time and interest to watch, are three videos covering the scene. The first one is short and gives a feel for what happened in the immediate aftermath. No police bodycam videos of the shooting exist.

More here in a longer video:

Black and brown witnesses claim Olongo had his hands up, begging police not to kill him. Bullshit, of course:

El Cajon may be burning soon. Stay safe, brothers and sisters.

12 thoughts on “Sh*tstorm Brewing as Racist White Police Gun Down Innocent Black Man for No Reason at All in El Cajon, California

  1. Oh no not again! And so soon?! Son of a bitch! Everybody always claims “metal illness” in these cases too, ever notice that. And how are cops supposed to know that? I think that maybe it is time for cops to just totally back off, just police White/Hispanic/Asian areas and just leave these other places to their own devices, as official policy.

    Also, the lady cop, Betty Shelby, is claiming that Terence Crutcher was on PCP.

  2. A decent argument could be made that all these Googles shot by the police were mentally ill. They all were incapable of predicting the future outcome of their defiance before the law. I mean, anyone that pulls their hands out of their pockets and adopts a shooting stance is going to be shot, especially when they are in a confrontation with the police and have ignored any commands given. This is not normal behaviour, so are all Googles mentally ill? It’s certainly a trend, how many more before it’s accepted as a pattern? Stay safe people, by avoiding the groid.

  3. Ape low IQ is a mental disorder in itself. None can be trusted to obey either the law or the police. I wouldn’t be surprised if cops went on “coon strike” refusing to respond to ANY calls involving apes. Let ’em kill each other off.

  4. One of the many problem with niggers living among a civilized country is they DO NOT feel they need top adhere to any social norm. If you ask a nigger to please turn down their 140 db level crap music you are asking to get stomped to death.

    I have personally found that any request, no matter how polite is met with rabid verbal and/or physical violence. When I was volunteering at a shitskin redemption center (aka community center) they were often (fists in the air) bellowing “da black man was meant top be free of any of white mans evil rules. …..and they ramble on and on why YT must be exterminated

    They are a defective species (race doesn’t quite describe them). They also are still very primitive tribal and of a hive mind, which is why they would hands down win an all out race war; whites are too fragmented and alienated, plus the entire system is geared to come down hard on any whites that question, speak out or in any way challenge the iron fist of the (((elite)))

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