Perpetually Aggrieved Mulatto Colin Kaepernick Unhappy with Hillary and the Don (Is it too late for Sharpton to Run?)

colin kaepernick

The (((media))) loves to give ignorant jackasses of color a platform to spew their anti-white, anti-American views. Colin Kaepernick, who proves that most part whites don’t identify as white, is the current poster boy for the disaffected Negro.

I will grant him one thing. He’s right about his observation that Hillary should be in prison.

However, this loon, working under a contract worth $120 million, has nothing much of intelligence to say. Here’s a product of Negro j*zz and a white vagina, adopted and raised by upper middle class whites who gave him every advantage, who claims that people of color are sh*t on by white America.

It’s too bad this piece of sh*t wasn’t aborted. He would be happier and so would intelligent people who really have no interest in having to listen to these sh*t peddlers.

I’m so happy I stopped watching football years ago. It’s a real clown show now.

Bleacher Report

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick offered his thoughts on the first presidential debate Tuesday, making it clear he’s not satisfied with either nominee.

Kaepernick said the debate was “embarrassing to watch” and that it’s “hard to believe these are our candidates,” according to Kevin Jones of KNBR Radio in San Francisco.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump held their first debate at Hofstra University on Monday. According to a CNN/ORC International poll, 62 percent of the 521 registered voters surveyed afterward believed Clinton won the debate, which focused on the economy, international policy and the candidates’ checkered records.

Kaepernick, who has sparked a national debate with his protests of racial injustice in the United States, made it clear he was not a fan of Trump’s campaign slogan.

“Make America great again? America has never been great for people of color,” Kaepernick said, per Jones.

After Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem first made headlines, Trump criticized the quarterback on KIRO Radio in Seattle.

“I think it’s personally not a good thing,” Trump said, per “I think it’s a terrible thing, and you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try; it’s not gonna happen.”

Clinton has not publicly commented on Kaepernick’s protest, though Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine offered his take in an interview on Good Morning America on Sept. 1.

“I’d do it differently,” Kaine said, per Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times. “I think if you really thought about issues and about this country, you’d do it differently, and when I heard him explain his rationale, it didn’t really make that much sense to me. But you’ve got to respect people’s ability to act according to their conscience, so I wouldn’t presume to tell him what to do.”

This wasn’t the first time Kaepernick has gone after the nominees. Speaking with reporters in August, he highlighted the two nominees as being representative of his issues with the country.

“You have Hillary, who’s called black teens or black kids ‘superpredators.’ You have Donald Trump, who’s openly racist,” Kaepernick said, per Richardson. “We have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done things illegally. … That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person, you’d be in prison. So what is this country really standing for?”

Note that the article cites the rigged CNN poll without mentioning that the spot polls had Trump winning the debate in a landslide. There’s a small example of media bias for you.

Kaepernick’s real dispute is not with white America, but with Jew owned and controlled America. Someone should wise him up.

thas right nigger jew

2 thoughts on “Perpetually Aggrieved Mulatto Colin Kaepernick Unhappy with Hillary and the Don (Is it too late for Sharpton to Run?)

  1. I think also his deeper dispute is with himself, and that is an accident of birth and not his fault. People should really consider their offspring before engaging in any union, in this case even more so. Even though he is not my cup o’ tea, I feel he is trying to make sense of his identity, this can’t have been easy for him.

  2. You, sir, are more confused, abusive, with little charity to share out, rigid with little, if any compassion for others who struggle in the debate format distributing uninformed insults as factual.

    It’s never too late to bait the slick suited and unreverential Al, (are you old enough to remember the ‘separate but equal debates that were instrumental in the death of his opposite number the RIGHT Reverend Martin Luther King. The starch in the suits that the Reverend Al uses do little more than provide support for this Preacher to offer up the same or similar jargon, discredited then and even less so with little more than that insight to anger both sides.

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