Brad Pitt Allegedly Sickened by Angelina’s Illuminati Hollywood Video

The more we learn about Hollywood celebrities the more you should realize that they are not worthy of the public interest and adulation that follows them. (((Hollywood))) studio moguls love to see us waste our lives and our money on these despicable creatures.

Neon Nettle

Inside sources have claimed that Brad Pit was “sickened” by Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood Illuminati Rituals. The video, in which Angelina Jolie talks about satanic Hollywood Illuminati rituals, has gone viral on youtube. There are also claims that the video was actually released by Pitt as a revenge attack for Jolie attempting to destroy his career.

YNW reports: The stunning footage of Jolie revealing the true inner workings of Hollywood as she describes her experiences participating in secret Illuminati rituals to close friends, was leaked and uploaded to YouTube just four days after Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt.

The divorce has already become ugly, with smears and counter-smears, and now the claim that Pitt has publicly outed Jolie as a member of the secret society is threatening to further escalate tensions.

Although Jolie cites the standard “irreconcilable differences” on her divorce papers, she or her proxies have made it known that she’s seeking sole custody of their 6 kids on the grounds that Pitt is unfit – dependent on marijuana and alcohol, and prone to violent outbursts.

A recent incident, alleged to have taken place while the family were flying back to Los Angeles on a private plane, is cited in the tabloid press as the incident that pushed Jolie to file for divorce.

Apparently drunk, Pitt allegedly became physically abusive of one of their children – said to be their oldest, 15-year-old Maddox – after he intervened in his adopted parents’ argument.

Sources close to Pitt told the New York Post‘s Page Six that although the Fight Club star shouted at Maddox, “he never raised a hand to the boy.” The sources also believe that Jolie is attempting to destroy Pitt’s career.

All of which makes the timing of the leak of the video in which Jolie admits to joining the Illuminati very interesting — suggestive of an attempt by Pitt to retaliate against Jolie.

The Illuminati was always going to be a bad fit for the Fight Club star, and unlike Jolie, who embraced the cult unreservedly, Pitt always maintained a safe distance.

However it widely believed that Pitt has Illuminati connections. In early September, the Moneyball star made the Illuminati 666 hand-sign while posing for a photo taken for a recent interview with the New York Times.

Brad Pitt illuminati

And at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, Pitt was asked by reporters to talk about his lean years acting in low budget flops – before his breakthrough came in A River Runs Through It and he shot straight to the top of the Hollywood A-list.

As reported by Fred Topel for StarPulse on September 19, 2011, Pitt “joked” about making a pact with Satan. Pitt said:“I grew up in a very Christian environment, a healthy environment, a loving family. But there were just parameters and things I didn’t understand. I always questioned it and it took me to my adult years or leaving home where I could really try on something different for myself. That was Satanism. It’s working out really well. I made a pact. That’s why the movie came out so well.”

Here’s the video again if you didn’t watch it in my previous post on this topic, or if you want to watch it again. It’s over 1.3 million views now.

5 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Allegedly Sickened by Angelina’s Illuminati Hollywood Video

  1. Do I really want to see the video?

    I always suspect stuff like this is manufactured to getting aging hacks more publicity and maybe one more decent job/ paycheck.

    Such bizarre people. Makes it hard to find the wheat in the chaff

  2. She was and is the most overrated thing ever. I don’t care for celebrities as I find regular women out and about to be hotter. But still, she was not that big of a deal, her acting sucked, she promoted dykery, she promoted now type causes (him too), she promoted tattooing, she promoted behind a ‘baaaaaad girl’ to a generation of women that followed that line, etc.No pity for big B-rad though, liberal PC marriages don’t work ‘brah.’ Karma for betraying his real wife Jennifer.

  3. What a crap video. I watched it all and she never once referred to Satan or Satanism. But the stupid loud music dubbed over and silent movie style Satanism inserts tell us what she is talking about. Why can’t we just listen to her words without stupid music and stupid graphics added in, are we too dumb and must rely on “expert’ Youtube idiots to decipher the English language? She may just be referring to an orgy of some kind. Normal day in Hollywood. Casting couch, ugly hook nose old Ubers banging attractive young models who want to make it big. These willing young sluts do make it big, and then small, for the lucky Uber producers on that day. Probably they swallow too, “You have the part”, shouts the Uber.
    She did say something about killing a snake. Why would witches kill snakes? They like snakes. They should kill cute kittens, puppy doggies, bunny wabbits and other cuddly furry creatures. Are Satanists the stupidest people anywhere, they do not know who their friends and allies are, snakes, Hollywood Producers, Ubers, Banksters, NeoCons?
    Verdict – Not Guilty.

    I read recently that Angelina Jolie may have undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder.

    “Pitt is unfit – dependent on marijuana and alcohol, and prone to violent outbursts.” Who can blame any man cucked by Coons, adopting their human garbage and then having to live with all these scum? Sharing his private jet with rubbish bin people who the “Powers That Be” in Hollywood forced him to adopt?

    Lastly Mr and Mrs Pit made one violent, evil, filth movie after another. Like they one where they play Hit “Men”. How cute having a female as a Hit Man. What a role model for young women to aspire to.

    • Totally agree with your analysis of the video and other points.

      Most people would not get it that Pitt has been crapped on via having diversity forced upon him by his crazy as a loon wife. Maybe he’s crazy too. I don’t know and I don’t really care. It would be nice if Hollywood didn’t breed corruption and insanity, but it is what it is and I don’t follow it for that reason.

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