Attractive White Teacher Disciplined after Calling Pro-Trump Students Racist


Veronica Welsh is attractive in a Jewy sort of way. At least, I see her as having a Jewish look.

She certainly has a Jewish social justice warrior mentality, calling out anyone who disagrees with what is surely her leftist politics as a racist.

She may have learned that you shouldn’t call your students racists on social media. The students and their parents were upset by her numbskull thinking. And even though Welshstein could be a poster girl for political correctness, there’s still enough spirit left in trad America to create a backlash against her.

The Gateway Pundit

Smithtown High School West teacher Veronica Welsh said her students were racist if they support Donald Trump.

Welsh was reportedly disciplined after her slanderous Facebook post.
CBS Local reported:

A Long Island teacher faces backlash over a Facebook post calling some of her students “racist.”

The halls of Smithtown High School West echoed with debate and heated conversation Friday as students reacted to the world language teacher’s social media post.

A screenshot of Veronica Welsh’s post was circulated, which read, “This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”

Students, dressed in school colors, had vehement reactions.

“She made a mistake by putting the school’s name in it,” one student told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan. “But she has a right to her opinion.”

“It’s her personal account too, not like she went into school and wrote it or anything. She has the right to do it,” another student said.

“It’s not a good idea because then like she influences the students with the same ideas,” another said.

The school’s superintendent called the posting an extremely unfortunate incident and highly inappropriate.

Welsh was not in school Friday, and CBS2 was not able to reach her at her home nor on her phone.

The original Facebook post was taken down, but parents continued to share their opinions.

“There’s no reason for her to pass judgement on those kids on a social platform,” one parent told McLogan.

Feminist Jew Hillary supporter Veronica Welshstein should be permanently banned from entering a classroom. Her thinking of whites as racists will surely bias all her decision making and classroom management actions. Her white students will unfairly suffer.

The problem is that if all who think like her were banned, there would be few women teachers left.

That might not be a bad thing if it led more white parents to home school their children.

3 thoughts on “Attractive White Teacher Disciplined after Calling Pro-Trump Students Racist

  1. “by their fruits (thinking, speaking, actions) you will know everyone.” it is not a white nor female teacher, but a demon (j.e.w.) of course. The actual number of White People (Pure Righteous Spirits) still alive, today, is less than a handful, of course. All others are demons (j.e.w.s.).

  2. HOLD IT!!!! Why hasnt she been fired and banned from teaching anywhere for life?!?!?! How come (((mlb))), an ostensibly private organisation, can get away with it, but the school system which is taxpayer funded cant?
    I think we know why.
    Boycott all public indoctrination stations [“schools”] and their activities.

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