Watch Trump Cause Hillary to **** Her Diaper When He Accuses Her of Creating ISIS

The look of discomfort on Hillary’s face during the nearly 3 minutes that Trump is beating up on her is priceless.

Hillary finally interrupts Trump ordering Lester “Shill” Holt to change the subject, which her obedient subject does.

I would hate to be in charge of changing Hillary’s diaper after the debate. No wonder that so many voted for Trump as the winner.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 27, 2016

Donald Trump points at Hillary when describing the rise of Isis, her body language changes immediately as he points her out(literally with his finger) she reacts and tells the moderator she thinks this is enough of this topic and I then Lester Holt changes the subject by questioning Donald.

Seen on GLP.

Speaking of dirty diapers, that truly dirty diaper Michael Moore is in despair over what he saw a victory for Trump in the debate.

michael moore

Not even Hillary can stand the sight of him:


13 thoughts on “Watch Trump Cause Hillary to **** Her Diaper When He Accuses Her of Creating ISIS

  1. Are you freaking kidding?? Killary no more formed ISIS than you and I did. And Thump knows it. She wasn’t “uncomfortable,” she was seeing him for the clown he always is. She rightly interrupted his useless blithering to move on with the debate. Ofuckma didn’t create them, either, he’s just a jew puppet as the next president will be.

    BTW, Killary trounced Thump completely in the debate. She was calm, cool and collected and waited him out while Clown Thump babbled on and on, interrupting not only her, but Holt, the moderator, all through the hour, as well.

    My main concern is that most viewers didn’t get that Killary spoke quite clearly about restricting our guns, further marginalizing Whites and giving the niggers more shit they won’t appreciate.

    As I said before, whether a coon, a clown or a cunt gets in, we’re screwed.

    • I’ve had a link up within the last month from the leftist Guardian in 2013 laying out the history of ISIS and how Obama and Hillary created it. So, until recently even the left in Britain was willing to credit ISIS to the dumb and dumber twins.

      Where we agree is that Hillary is quite open about taking down whites. I don’t get that you don’t see the difference between a controlled border and an open border. Hillary is working for the globalists. Trump isn’t. I was looking at a piece on Vdare last night where Peter Brimlow brought up Trump’s definition of a conservative. Jeb, Marco, etc. prattled on about lower taxes, the military, etc. Trump said a conservative “conserves” his country. There’s nothing clownish about that.

      • Any boogyman is controlled and directed by the jews. They are behind it all. Ofuckma & Killary, if true, were the mechanics. And I know who the cunt is working for, the same jew assholes that Thump is. Why you don’t question his allegiance to Israel is beyond me. And Thump IS working for the globalists or he won’t get in. Do you really think the jews will let some red faced, blustering clown undo ALL they have accomplished so far??

        I live in CA and damn well know the difference between open, controlled and closed borders.

        It will be interesting to see how Syria fares under the new administration. Remember, the jew goal is to topple all middle east governments that don’t tow the line.

    • cartiermccloud your anger at Trump exceeds your anger at Hillary Clinton by a margin of ten to one or more. Go have a look in the mirror and wonder why you write like this about Trump. Is it because Trump is a successful and popular man? You would rather a women wins no matter what her policies and her guilt for things she has actually done in politics?
      Trump is the best choice white American voters have had in living history. Yes he is also for the Jews. Any important person against the Jew is lucky to be alive. Think Saddam Hussein, Omar Qaddafi and so on, the Taliban. Look up Jim Traficant (another wig wearer), he did 7 years in jail on trumped up charges and then got a tractor tipped on him. He dared to speak the truth about Israel in the US Congress, and even rescued an innocent US citizen from a death penalty in Israel.
      Ron Paul promised to audit the Fed. That was a guaranteed way not to be selected as a candidate for either the Left Wing (Democrat) or Right Wing (Republican) of the US One party System.

      The Jews choose the two candidates in this One Party System. The voters get to choose one of these two puppets and think they have political power. Some Presidents go off script and Trump has probably already gone off script. That is why the Jews did not want him to be selected.
      Obamas peace deal with Iran shows that he cut his puppet strings. Silly of the Jews to think they could trust a Google.
      Bernie the Jew was always false opposition to the preferred Jew stooge, Hillary. Jews always want a Goy like Dubya Bush (Shrub) to do their dirty work not a fellow Jew.

      • I made it clear that I was speaking strictly from appearances. I know all about Traficant, one of the few brave souls we’ve lost.

        I am vitriolic about Thump because I can’t see any intelligent, sane person voting for him or cunt Killary, they are BOTH jew controlled. Thump is a buffoon, an Israel supporter whose beautiful White daughter converted and married a fucking jew. Just because he’s White doesn’t make him a hero. We all know about Killarly’s jew cock sucking and death list. It’s obvious where I stand. So YOU figure it out.

      • Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions supported Trump from day 1. He’s one of the few honest ones in Congress and about the only one I trust. He’s hugely anti-immigration. I would support Trump for that reason alone. Jeff is part of the Trump team and will probably get a cabinet appointment if Trump wins.

  2. There is more vitriol towards Trump than any other candidate I’ve ever seen. He really gets under people’s skin for some reason. I just don’t get it.

    • He is arrogant, brash, cocky, fearless, old fashioned. Pat Buchanan on Steroids. “Crash through or crash”. Everything a real man, a leader, should be. Nobody really remembers what a man should be these days. Trump is the nightmare of every Social Justice Warrior, feminist and LGBT type. They are probably much more upset with him than Hispanics living in the USA. It is probably worth mentioning that the 11 to 30 million illegals do not get to vote. Nor the swarms of dark skinned US children poised to end the Republican Party for ever when they grow up and vote.

      • Very true Robert. I think a lot of men and women are jealous of his success and his beautiful family. Your statement about being upset at him more than illegals is spot on.

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