“Nazi” Hindu Lawyer Guns Down 9 in Houston Shooting Spree

desai shooting2

When people think of Nazis they think of white men. But an Asian Indian in a Nazi uniform actually did the shooting in Houston that broke at the top of the news on Monday morning.

Since the Swastika is a popular symbol in India, it’s probably the case that everyone is jumping to conclusions about Desai being a “white” supremacist and a Nazi. This is how the mainstream press fuzzies up the facts and gets low information people thinking that a white Nazi Trump supporter performed a terrorist act.

nathan desai

Daily Mail

Nine people were shot and wounded, one critically, by a disgruntled Houston lawyer who was wearing a Nazi uniform during the rampage, sources have said.

Nathan DeSai was killed by police after he opened fire in a strip mall, striking innocent bystanders at 6.30am on Monday.

When officers arrived, the 46-year-old attorney fired at them until he was gunned down, police Chief Martha Montalvo said.

During the shooting, DeSai was wearing an antique Nazi uniform with Swastikas on it, KPRC2 reported.

Officers also found a number of Nazi materials and guns inside his Porsche Boxster when it was searched by police and members of a bomb squad, according to ABC13.

DeSai was listed as a partner at McDaniel & DeSai LLP, a Houston-based law firm.

His LinkedIn profile now says he’s no longer affiliated with the business — although his name still appears on a glass door at the firm’s entrance, which is 15 miles away from the scene of the shooting.

‘He was upset about his law partnership not going well,’ DeSai’s father, Prakash DeSai, told ABC13 reporter Miya Shay.

‘They didn’t have business.’

Former clients slammed the firm on Yelp for being ‘unprofessional’ and claimed they had been overcharged. One female customer accused DeSai of asking her out.

Houston police say the Porsche ‘had additional weapons inside.’ Mayor Sylvester Turner, who is in Cuba for a trade mission, said the lawyer was ‘disgruntled.’

‘He was either fired or had a bad relationship with this law firm,’ Turner said.

‘The investigation is active. It’s very, very early,’ the mayor added. ‘We want to make sure there is no other gunman. We are checking every angle, I can assure you.’

desai shooting

13 thoughts on ““Nazi” Hindu Lawyer Guns Down 9 in Houston Shooting Spree

  1. Gee, I’ve had 2 businesses which failed in my lifetime and it never occured to me to go on a shooting rampage to take out my frustrations. Seems that is the norm for these mud race types with their preprogrammed concepts that America is not only a land of opportunities but also guarantees you’ll succeed. Mr. Hindu was a lawyer, so he was doomed for hell, anyway.

  2. He looks to be a Brahmin type. Many such people were actually affiliated with the real nazis back in the day. Even today there are more non-white nazis than white ones, it’s just an ideology and as such can be adopted by anyone and adapted to their context.

  3. Poor baby. His business venture crapped out. Well come to the land of opportunity (psyche!).

    So much for those “peace loving” Model Minority Asians.

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