Katy Perry “Naked Voter” Video Features Negroid “Hunk” and Stupid, Weak Whites

Katy Perry makes white people look stupid while worshiping the manly Negro in this widely promoted video. Apparently, the idea is to get young female Hillary supporters to vote.

It’s a fail as far as I can tell. Her obsession with black **** shows itself once again, as it has in the past.

I left this comment at youtube:

Let’s see. A black “hunk” and stupid, effeminate and weak white males. – Mudshark bitch deserves to fade into obscurity for her antiwhite racism. Not funny except to morons.

25 thoughts on “Katy Perry “Naked Voter” Video Features Negroid “Hunk” and Stupid, Weak Whites

    • Yes, they get to keep their stardom if they do as the (((handlers))) say. Her black record producer when she started was also her boyfriend, if I’m remembering correctly. I think these celebs get into the degeneracy and enjoy it. They’ve all sold their souls to the devil.

      • Wait, she’s already tainted with demon seed?

        Damnit, now I have to cross out this one from the bucket list, too…

    • I just looked. I left it 5 hours ago. On my computer, it’s the first comment you see. I’ve read that some of the sites like Twitter show your comment to you but hide them from others. That may be what youtube does too. Interesting that you can’t see it. If it’s still up, it may be buried at the bottom of all the comments.

      • Rebellion against Daddy eh? That is probably the most painful thing for a father, of a daughter especially. It is encouraged, but the girls don’t seem very hesitant to do it. Remember Belle Knox? Garbage, both of them.

    • Yeah it did. Yeah, that Belle Knox’s extreme disregard for her father (who was bankrolling her) is not too extreme of an example really, most won’t do official porn, but the behavior is similar. I can only imagine what this i like for the father.

  1. Speaking of which… you remember Evalion (Veronica), don’t you? Well, she just opened up her official website at http://evalion.org and will be hosting her videos from Archive, making her un-shoah-able. Another victory against the Jews, wouldn’t you say? It would be swell if you someday write a post on her.

      • Even in Eastern Europe it isn’t the women per say, it’s the men who keep them in check
        A woman brought to heel is a joy

        A woman who isn’t properly subdued by men, society and culture is a feral beast, an engine of cultural and racial destruction

        White men in the West will either return to taking domain over our women, children and non Whites or we will be replaced by the non Whites and White women backing the non Whites

      • “Women brought to heel”

        Women are not dogs, but you all have treated us like dogs and many have beat us back like dogs. Beat a dog enough, eventually it bites.

        Be nicer to your women and stop giving looks to made over biaches then you will get your women back.

  2. I don’t find her attractive really. But then, I’ve never found celebrities to attractive ever. I like regular women on the street, many of whom are better looking anyway. I never liked Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie or any of the chicks that are imposed upon us as being “hot.” Although Lita ford was pretty hot.

    • Some are nice, but 99% of them seem so fake i can’t understand how people thing they’re hot or a model for what women should strive to look as. Just like you, i see a lot more women on the street that look better, without make-up or fancy clothes.

    • Agreed. Most of the pop culture girls are off putting. Something not quite right in how they look and carry themselves. A few are really attractive but mostlly I think the degeneratives running entertainment can not pick truly attractive women because of their degenerative nature

  3. “Katy’s ancestry is three sixteenths Portuguese (Katy’s mother is of three eighths Portuguese descent). Katy’s other roots include English, German, and Irish.”
    So she certainly has some Jew blood in her.

    “Both of her parents are pastors. She started her singing career at her parents church at the age of 9 and sang until she was 17.

    Perry grew up with strict Pentecostal Christian parents and she wasn’t even allowed to watch The Smurfs or read Harry Potter. Ironically enough, in July 2011 Katy made her film debut as Smurfette in The Smurfs.

    She grew up listening strictly to Christian music, but when she heard her first non-Christian album, Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, she was inspired by You Oughta Know.”
    All above in quotes was sourced from boomsbeat dot com.

    In my opinion she is not a rebel at all. She is doing exactly what her parents trained her to do. I.e. Help to destroy Christianity, promote Jewish values and contribute to White Genocide. And to make tens of millions of dollars while doing so.

    • Like commenter OH, I don’t find her attractive. I’ve found that when I don’t find an attractive female attractive myself, it often involves her being a Jew. I have some kind of built-in Jewdar that goes off I guess. Likewise, I never found Carol Channing attractive and just learned last night with my inspirational quote post on her that she’s part black. It doesn’t show in her face, but there was always something about her that put me off. Dinah Shore was also part black. Same thing. I never found her attractive.

      There are too many Jewish women to list that I find unattractive even though objectively they are pretty or beautiful. Hollywood is filled with them. So is porn.

      • I think most men have a finely tuned bitch ain’t healthy radar if he’ll listen to it.

        If she is attractive but not creating boners, your inner cave man is waving you off the mission.

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