High School Shuts Down Homecoming King and Queen as Exclusionary


Our once great country is being Jewed again. “Inclusion” is the word of the day from Hillary Clinton to every other totalitarian leftist. Inclusion good. Exclusion bad.

And so the traditional Fall homecoming celebration is demonized as exclusionary. Trannies and other butthurt parties have gotten their way in at least one high school.

And you thought this was bad:

homecoming not normal

Excerpt from Washington Post

Breaking with the tradition at many of the nation’s schools, students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School will adopt a gender-neutral Homecoming court this year, moving away from the longtime practice of electing a boy as “king” and a girl as “queen.”

Students in each grade will vote for two classmates from a ballot of finalists, with the top vote-getters crowned at the school’s Homecoming football game. It’s a change that means those honored at halftime on Oct. 7 could include two boys, two girls, transgender students or a boy-girl duo.


“It provides an opportunity for all students to be involved in something that was exclusionary,” said Jacob Rains, president of the schoolwide Student Government Association. “It is really not our job, especially with a gender-neutral and transgender population at B-CC, to tell people that boys have to be kings and girls have to be queens. Who are we to put people into those categories?”

Jacob Rains is a Jewish name I believe. What Rains is attacking is normality. The destructive, deceptive Jew is at it again.

It’s normal for boy and girls to experience a rite of passage that recognizes that as young adults they will soon be getting married and starting families of their own. It’s also normal to honor the only two sexes there are: male and female.

There’s a fairness about the traditional homecoming ceremony. Both boys and girls have a representative. Heterosexuality is seen as good, not oppressive as in the cultural Marxist scheme of things.


This guy is happy:

le-merchant-happy gif jew

4 thoughts on “High School Shuts Down Homecoming King and Queen as Exclusionary

  1. “Students in each grade will vote for two classmates”.
    Why two? Why not three of four? Polygamy, polyandry, Roman Poofter Bath House orgies. Why do weirdos have to ape the traditional marriage arrangement of two people?

    Why not one? Traditionally there is one Sovereign not two, except in Ancient Sparta.
    QEI and QEII prove that the Sovereign does not have to be a man, Catherine the Great also. The Queen of England is also the Sovereign.

    So let us vote for a lonely Sovereign at Chevy Chase (?) High School who lives in the basement, plays video games and masturbates a lot. No social skills needed. Why do Kings have to be popular? This is exclusionary and elitist. Just like real royalty and old style Royalty at Chevy Chase.

    Why do weirdos have to pair off at all? Why the discrimination against lonely masturbation specialists and the celibate who hide from the world?

    There might be more people living alone in the West than married or otherwise in some sort of romantic couple. Counting all adults from 18 onward.

    So why does LGBT school voting exclude unpopular masturbatory inclined LGBTs who can not get a partner no matter how hard they try? Plus those celibate for the same reason who do not go in for whacking off? It should be renamed LGBTMC to be inclusive. Problem is this masturbation and celibacy group includes a huge number of normal people who are not successful in the romance game. A lot of older people are on the romance and family love scrapheap, especially older women because older men are in short supply. A lot of older men prefer to be alone rather than eat more shit, and I do not mean food. Plus older male fathers are ignored by their kids more than the mothers are. This is in the West. Everywhere else older people are cared for by their families. Except if they do not care as in Africa and some other bumhole nations, then the older people are known as the “deceased”.

    Who speaks and fights for the rights of those that live alone? Nobody.

    • You make a good point with the “why just two” question. In everything in America today, there can be no winners and losers. With two winners, everyone else is a loser. So why have a Royal Court at all? It smacks of old English traditions, which as we know, must be rooted out.

      While one must not mock or ridicule the sacred brown and black Gods, it is perfectly fine to mock the lonely white male masturbator, “living in mommy’s basement.” There’s a reason he’s there. He was brought in in a school system in which feminist thought dominates. He was taught self hatred. He was taught that he’s a loser. Because of affirmative action he can’t get a job.

      When the worm turns, he can do a lot of damage. What do you think of Anders Brevik?

  2. hellary flintstone, as the cartoon characters is merely a demon (j.e.w. or just eternally wicked) of course. “demons do what demons do…the wicked WILL DO wickedness, only”.

  3. Truthfully, the whole USA high school scene is really fucked up and has been for awhile. I really could care less about “High School Hero” worship and homecoming.


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