Clinton Spinmeisters Successfully Pushing “Call Hannity” Meme After Debate

hillary wrinkled face

To cement their lies in the public mind, lefties pick on ridiculous diversions from reality to distract away from the untruths.

Hillary Clinton embarrassingly supported the Iraq war. In fact, she supports all wars, including some future war with Russia.

It is true that Donald Trump was early on a critic of the Iraq war, which leftists are denying based on a throwaway sentence on the Howard Stern show more than a decade ago.

At last night’s presidential debate, Trump cited conversations with conservative radio and TV talker Sean Hannity as backing up his opposition to the war.

This has led to the “Call Hannity” ridicule meme.

Forget the “Call Hannity” meme. The whole business of whether Trump supported or opposed the Iraq war really doesn’t matter anywhere nearly as much as immigration policy, Trump’s wall, law and order, ending America’s proxy wars fought for Israel, peaceful co-existence with Russia, and much more which was largely IGNORED by the moderators last night.

But if anyone wants to make an issue of it, then let Trump’s 2003 interview with (((Wolfie Blitzer))) speak for itself.

Hag Hillary’s playbook is modeled after her hero (((Saul Alinksy))). Luckily, Twitter is not a place where serious discussions of public policy can play. It takes more than 140 characters to do that.

The spin on the debate is a developing story. One thing that should be realized is just how much lying Hillary and her media pals are doing. An honest Hillary instead of the Crooked Hillary we’ve come to know and despise is someone who would be debating the wisdom of repealing Obamacare, amnesty, etc. But Hillary and the media focus on trivialities.

Call them on it.

3 thoughts on “Clinton Spinmeisters Successfully Pushing “Call Hannity” Meme After Debate

  1. Just look at her face. I don’t need a single word from this creature to instantly understand that this is a poisonous snake. Reptilian eyes say all. As I usually keep saying, this lizard alone is not the problem, THE PROBLEM are her mentally derailed worshipers, their NUMBERS!

    • It’s like they’ve been hypnotized. My dark Mexican lesbian dean at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Lynda de la Vina, went to DC as a Clinton crony. She halfway bragged that Hillary did her and the dean was proud of her experience with Hillary’s dildo and tongue. The office girls used to speculate what color de la Vina’s dildos were. Actually, the way that both of them hate men, I doubt they use anything shaped like a penis.

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