Animal Rights Activists Burn Skin with HOT Branding Iron on Streets of Paris

hot branding iron

Social justice warriors are at heart narcissists crying out for attention. Getting branded with a cattle iron achieves nothing real, although it may make the branded warrior feel good.

The (((power elites))) encourage everyone to get caught up in the nuttiness in order to distract us from the mischief that they are doing to our money, our culture, our very identity.

Animal activists in France have literally turned up the heat while lining up to be branded with red hot irons in an effort to promote veganism and condemn animal abuse.

A graphic video of the spectacle highlights the apparent ‘no limits’ approach to their activism, and shows just how far vegans will go for their cause.

A blood-streaked woman is shown screaming after she is branded with a smoking hot iron, which leaves her with an ugly, and very painful looking tattoo.

The demonstration took place in Paris’ Place de la Republique on Saturday and was arranged by 269 Life France, a group that demands complete “animal liberation.”

Activists wearing chains and sporting ear tags were roughly dragged into a tent to receive their painful burn, in order to demonstrate what animals go through.

After being branded, the blood smeared activists lay on the ground with the sound of animals playing.

A human butcher was also at the scene with a display of fake human limbs packaged like meat in a supermarket.

Demonstrators dressed as diners with bloody chins posed at tables with bloodied human limbs on them.

The group wants to highlight the cruelty involved in the meat industry and “change the perception of the corpses they put in the mouth in the name of culinary enjoyment.”

A group representative has said the the number 269, which they have burned on their skin, was the designated number of a calf they found on one of Israel’s factory farms.

Best comment at RT:

Veganism is a sign of a mental illness. Lacking the ability to cope with loss, the vegan turns to a belief system that puts themselves above all others. It causes inconvenience, disrespects culture and doesn’t respect the social bond that is created at the table. It is counter to human nature which is why every vegetarian or vegan that freely chooses to eat again without asinine restrictions refers to being liberated. While the cause may be considered worthy to some, ultimately it’s a pacifist movement that changes nothing.

More pictures of the bloody protest can be seen at RT.

4 thoughts on “Animal Rights Activists Burn Skin with HOT Branding Iron on Streets of Paris

  1. These misguided lunatics aren’t accomplishing anything as their actions will be yesterday’s news. Historically change doesn’t occur because people chain themselves to bridges, take up residence in redwood trees or allow themselves to be branded. For change to be implemented (if one is lucky) it takes determination and collective minds working together as a unifying force. It takes governments to create laws and agencies to enforce them.
    I reside in New England temporarily; I’m NJ born and raised. Despite the many jokes about NJ, I have always been proud of my roots. However I have never been more proud to hail from a state that, following the rape and murder of (7) year old Megan Kanka on July 29,1994, enacted Megan’s Law on Oct. 31, 1994. This was an unprecedented 89 days. This didn’t happen because people engaged in foolhardy, moronic acts but rather through the collaborative efforts of dedicated, rational individuals who demanded change. Citizen reaction prompted former Assemblyman Paul Kramer (GOP) to introduce a package of (7) bills commonly referred to as “Megan’s Law” to the NJ Assembly and despite criticism from several Democrats, the Assembly signed (6) of the bills exactly 30 days after Megan’s murder. Ironically it was Democrats that offered initial opposition to Kramer’s bills and Democrats who continue to challenge various aspects of the law.

    “There is no rational reason for us to be considering any of these bills without public hearings,” said Wayne R. Bryant, a Democrat from Camden. “I am appalled that as an elected body we are caught up in emotion. We are rushing to judgment.”

    As for the RT regarding vegans ~I am vegan by choice and because it’s MY choice I don’t try to force my belief system onto others. Do I wish animals were never killed for food? Absolutely! Fact remains they are and the ridiculous actions in France are NOT going to change that. Instead I channel my energy into focusing on animal issues where my voice can have an impact albeit small ~ domestic animal abuse in America.

    • In the last day or two there have been so many sickening animal cruelty stories. I couldn’t bring myself to read them, much less post them here. As to Megan’s Law isn’t there a federal version?

      • Yes but NJ’s enactment paved the way as previously there was only the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act of 1994, which required sex offenders to register with local authorities. Under NJ’s Megan’s Law and most of the other state versions, community notification is mandatory. Yes they can still slip through the cracks but it’s progress. Megan’s family and neighbors had no idea (3) convicted sex offenders lived in a house across the street.

        The animal abuse stories have indeed been horrific the last few days. It’s difficult for me to write about them and I’m adamant about NOT posting graphic photos. However I feel the electronic spectrum is a fabulous way to read the word. If I can change the life of just one animal I feel accomplished. As for the K9 deaths brought on by handler negligence, I refuse to back off. I’ll beat that drum until there’s no hope left. If their department refuses to take punitive action I make it my mission to spread their name and face far and wide (along with the text I always add). My update today:
        Now about those AJ posts….

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