Angelina Jolie Describes Alleged Illuminati Ritual to Friends in Video

Since Angelina Jolie does not specifically mention the Illuminati, I assume that the video title is sensationalized. She’s probably talking about some sort of degenerate sexual experiences she’s had.

Between her distaste for her own child and her unnatural love for her adopted children, it’s clear that she’s messed up in the head. Satan worship and cult rituals could easily be a part of that mental illness.

So take the video at face value and recognize just how degenerate Hollywood is. And not just Hollywood. While at the university I accidentally walked in on a Satanic ritual while working late one evening. Human sacrifices, not just animal sacrifices, and sexual degeneracy are happening now with many people in high places. In my case, weird things began happening to me, which I presume were related to witnessing for just a few seconds a strange masked ritual.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Angelina Jolie admits to the satanic ritual she performed to enter the Order of the Illuminati in newly surfaced secret footage where she is talking to two close friends. Jolie details an Illuminati sacrifice.

13 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Describes Alleged Illuminati Ritual to Friends in Video

  1. I want to be around when Jolie and her ilk finally have reality take a bite out of their asses. Chances are they’re too far gone but it would be worth the price of a ticket to finally see the look upon their faces.

  2. I have no doubt that Angelina Jolie is a CIA asset & secret society member (of course there is much overlap between intelligence agencies and the occult):
    -Stars repeatedly as CIA agent/spy/secret society assassin in Hollywood films
    -Photographed visiting DCI David Petraeus in his office at CIA headquarters
    -UN Ambassador
    -Member of Council on Foreign Relations
    -Promotes multicultural agenda
    -Raises her daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt as a transgender boy
    -Encourages unnecessary medical procedures
    -Daughter of rabid Zionist actor Jon Voigt
    -Indications of having been molested as a child, such as claiming to have been “sexually active” in Kindergarden, self-cutting, and kissing her brother on the mouth in public

  3. Oh saboteur365! Overtime I decide I like Paladin Justice you find the need to post about AJ ~ a truly sick chick whom many seem to worship. Why? Why must you do that? 😝😭😨PS: As you can plainly se I have conflicting emotions about AJ ~ none however are positive.

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