Who Won the Great Debate of 2016?

trump and hillary


Vote tonight:

Bing poll

Drudge poll

Las Vegas Sun poll

NJ.com poll

Time magazine poll

Fox5 San Diego poll

Breitbart poll

The Right Scoop

Fortune poll

Roanoke poll

CNBC poll

The Truth Division poll

Politopinion poll

Slate poll

The Hill poll

CBS Local New York poll

KCCI poll

If you know of any more polls, put a link in a comment.

Check out this Twitter link for more reaction to the instant, unscientific polls that the spin doctors are using to show their candidate won.

10 thoughts on “Who Won the Great Debate of 2016?

  1. It wasn’t that bad for Trump as I have been afraid off, but it also wasn’t good. In spite of occasionally being almost a living dead, this harpy is toxic as a Mojave rattlesnake and she is an absolute BULLSHIT CON ARTIST. She would earn BCA degree if something like that would exist. After all, aren’t all professional politicians just that?

    Trump started good but then he made plenty of mistakes

    He often went in a rapid high pitched voice, which is no good, as it sounds defensive and weak. Much more effective is to speak slower and with manly ton, without gesticulation. Oratorship is an art and few people have it, but it can be improved. Bitch has mouth lubricated with Castrol Racing Oil, and lies that she is spitting just fly, in spite of that her every word is a BIG FAT lie.

    On few occasions he went astray from the subject and sounded lost. Instead of defending himself he should have counter attack without explaining himself. Perfect opportunity he missed when Harpy said that she was well prepared for this duel and that she is well prepared for presidency. Here he should have jumped in with something like – It’s worthless bragging, meaningless self-praise, leave it to others to judge your preparedness, as your history shows opposite.

    Snake made him defensive, instead of being opposite.

    I think it was Patton that once said something like this – When Germans are at a brink of defeat they counter attack.

    That’s what Trump has to do – ALWAYS ATTACK, in a Blitz Krieg style, never give her enough time to entrench herself, keep pushing forward until Harpy falls in one of her spasmodic shocks. To do that, he has to be ULTIMATELY PREPARED. Improvisation in such duels isn’t enough, as Harpy is very, very experienced in the dirtiest possible way.

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