Video: White Female Stands Up to BLM

Published on Sep 25, 2016

A Negroid police officer kills a Negroid thug with a gun, so a rampaging Negroid mob beats up white people and destroys property. Then, a Negroid shooter kills another Negroid protester. That’s Charlotte, North Carolina in a nutshell. And I do mean nut!

Black lives might matter more if they mattered at all to the Bantus.

Every single porch monkey and monkey god worshiper in this so-called protest is a useless eater.

A perceptive youtube comment:

Look at these pathetic black people begging whites not to shoot them. It’s pretty simple. Don’t draw down on cops and they won’t shoot you, but these mental midgets can’t seem to get that through their heads! Also rioting and looting is NOT a protest. It’s crime pure and simple. Anyone that believes any different is simply a moron and it’s amazing they are able to breathe when you consider their stupidity!

A number of commenters noted that at least one of the white males supporting BLM looks as his goal is to experience some sodomite loving from the black males.

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