Philly Kebab Claims “Muslim” Motivation for Firebomb Attack

A Muslim was burned in a firebomb attack while sitting in his car. He claims that the perpetrator yelled, “There you go, Muslim.”

With Muslim terror attacks on Americans becoming routine, was this incident payback or was there some unknown motivation for the alleged firebomb attack?

It’s too early to speak to the motivation since the perpetrator has not yet been apprehended.

An explosive believed to be a firebomb has been thrown into a car – allegedly while the driver was still sitting inside.

It is also believed that the victim alleged the suspect shouted ‘There you go, Muslim’, before throwing the device into the vehicle.

The car has been almost completely destroyed by the suspected bomb after it set on fire .

It has been reported that the incident took place in North Philadelphia this morning at approximately 5am.

The video was recorded by a witness, going under the username @FeministaJones, who said: “Heard a huge explosion. Didn’t know what it was. Then heard a man yelling saying his skin was burning.

“Heard him say he was in his car and someone drove by and threw something in it while he was in it.

“Then kept hearing loud pops so I went to the door. Neighbours were helping the man because his skin was burning. He lost some of it.

“Went to the corner and saw the whole car on fire. After firetrucks come, he talks to them and then talks to us.

“He describes a car pulling up and someone inside saying ‘There you go, Muslim’ before throwing something into his car.

Diversity breeds all sorts of negative consequences. The attack (assuming the Muslim didn’t have an accident or set himself on fire) could be the work of a another Muslim seeking vengeance for some wrong.

Where Muslims go, violence follows.

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