Mainstream Media Join (((Banker’s))) Conspiracy Against the American People


This post offers an excerpt from Armstrong Economics.

Martin Armstrong’s Wikipedia entry explains that more than most of us, Martin has paid his dues. He was a political prisoner of the United States government, jailed for seven years on contempt of court charges.

The New York Times (soft paywall) covered his imprisonment in a story almost a decade ago.

Free, he continues to be a thorn in the side of the establishment.

Excerpt from Armstrong Economics

Do not underestimate the fight to rig this election. Hillary’s in-your-face corruption will be matched by in-your-face vote rigging. They stole California from Bernie to make sure Hillary was the candidate and then Hillary Clinton has hired the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who had to resign for being exposed that she rigged the votes against Bernie. This was more Hillary pay-off money.

Hiring Schultz was unbelievable public display of corruption. It demonstrates just how corrupt the entire system has become. They assume people are idiots and the media will NEVER compel Hillary to ever come clean.

This may be more than the demise of the Democratic Party who has publicly chosen to be Democrat before being American, it may also be the final nail in the coffin of mainstream media who have joined this conspiracy against the American people.

Interested in more Martin Armstrong? Read The Coming Dark Age at Zerohedge.

WARNING: MARTIN MAY BE A JEW. Martin DEFENDS Jew bankers in this post on his blog, claiming that all bankers are unethical.

6 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Join (((Banker’s))) Conspiracy Against the American People

  1. Always figured a certain number of them are true outcasts from their tribe, every tribe has them, and a certain number are assigned to play the role as outcast as sort of a hedge against things going really bad them.

    Either, 0fg, don’t trust them, don’t want them around, or for them, to own property, have any Constitutionall protections etc etc.

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