Debate That Will Decide the Future of Freedom Rigged Against Trump



the country’s future is literally at stake; he will be walking into a mother-of-all ambushes!
(no comparison even to the those Primary gauntlets with foaming megyn kelly, trust me)

Lester Holt will be asked to constantly interrupt Trump and “fake-fact-check” eveything that could be construed by the viewers as damaging to hillary (on terrorism, inner city violence, foreign policy, ISIS, NAFTA, China, email scandal, Clinton Foundation, Bill the Sexual predator… you name it)

will also try to catch him on an ‘what is Aleppo?” type of a gaffe and instangtly disqualify him in the minds of 100 million (female) Americans who otherwise agree with him on most of the issues.

donald is no dummy, of course, but he admits to not reading books on history, world events, etc. a huge disadvantage.

whereas Hillary will get the questions in advance from NBC people, believe me…. and she will have an ear-piece, too.

let’s face it; he is also a bit of of Narcissist — and with the recent poll surge, that’s where people like him tend to get over-confident and fall for a trap

(see: the KKK/David Duke fiasco when Don was coming off spectacular wins in NH, SC & NV…and Jake Tapper was able to catch him off-guard
Similar thing happened when Trump was coming off a successful Convention — and media scum colluded with DNC to blow the whole Khizr Khan family way out of proportion)

And if that’s not enough, the entire Media, including Megyn Kelly and FOX… are gonna spin any Trump mis-step as ‘disqualifying’.

the device needs to be state-of-the-art so it it’s:

-not visible
-doesn’t accidentally fall out
-can’t be jammed or, worse, decrypted, by Obama’s NSA operatives

we’ve literally got one LAST shot at saving America. Trump’s yuuuuge ego should take the back-seat, for once. Since he is not the one to practice & cram loads of facts and figures for months on end —- the least he can do is let General Flynn get him one of those awesome Pentagon stealthy, encrypted communication devices

prepare for the worst-case scenario — and if hillary chokes or physically collapses, it’s a bonus.

Rigged: Hillary’s podium is bigger.

Don’t expect Hillary to collapse on stage. She’ll be pumped full of drugs. Even is she were dead, they’d rig her up to a machine that would keep her lips moving or they’d throw in a body double.

12 thoughts on “Debate That Will Decide the Future of Freedom Rigged Against Trump

  1. All odds are against Trump – (((NBC))), Noogle Lester Holt and definitely leaked questions to Harpy.

    Trump is also against himself with rash personality, overconfidence and substantial lack of essential knowledge, the knowledge immanent to well-educated and well-informed people. His business skills would hardly suffice in this arena.

    If his team failed to prepare him, be it because of their incompetence or Trump’s defiance, he will immensely fail. This debate is Harpy’s territory and she will use this advantage to perfection.

      • Lots of Americans come to New Zealand, but when they get here they realize its not so great. Some like it. If you are white of course you’ll need money to get in. If you are too old, forget it though.

        At least in America you can go live somewhere with gun nuts and racists and have a great time out in the wilderness. The US still has massive advantages in that area with its survivalist culture etc.

  2. The ear piece is a Parkinson’s aid, it helps her gauge the volume of her voice in relation to the ambient sound. This probably malfunctioned when she almost shouted at the union audience “I should be 50 points ahead” in Las vegas.

  3. “donald is no dummy, of course, but he admits to not reading books on history, world events, etc. a huge disadvantage.”

    I am tremendously impressed. This is a big plus. I have read so many histories that, looking back, were largely Google lies and propaganda. Many written before the company Google even existed. So many books about Hitler and his cronies are written by Googles!

    There is a saying. Two men work together and one is the boos. One man has an IQ of 160 and other 100. Which man is the boss?
    You guessed it the IQ100 will in most cases be the boss. Let us say any typical office, factory, advertising agency etc. Not some small team of scientific boffin work. But even in a drug company or property developer, the less intelligent guy will be the boss. I ought to know, do you think I was ever the boss, and I was almost always more intelligent than my own boss in every job I ever held. The Ivy League is dominated by IQ95s. IQ160s lack people skills which are essential in politics, military etc. So the POTUS will never be an IQ160.

    Trump must win. or else.
    If 51% of US voters vote for Hillary then the entire world population deserves what happens over the next 4 and 8 years. Road to ruin. Except for Apefreakins and towelheads who will have a better and brighter future, those that can stay out of jail in white woman paradise.

    • I think you meant to say that the books were written by Skypes, since the Googles speak ebonics. The code system is confusing.

      Your observations about IQ and leadership are borne out by my experiences in higher ed. Our low IQ Mexican president, Ricardo Romo, was always picking fights with white male faculty who were smarter than him by 50 IQ points. Stupid people fear smart people.

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