Charlotte “Protesters” Release List of DEMANDS


Charlotte, North Carolina protesters (rioters) want total control of the city’s police department, while enjoying complete immunity for any actions they have undertaken.

The basic idea is to turn Charlotte, which is half black, into a totally black-run city.

This has turned out so well for Detroit, Baltimore, etc., that I’m surprised every community in America doesn’t turn itself over to those talented Googles.

6 thoughts on “Charlotte “Protesters” Release List of DEMANDS

  1. This could be perfect beginning of SEPARATION from diversity. Whites should abandon cities with Google’s majority and Googles should be stimulated to leave White cities, or just be kicked out by force. Pack them in the Google-Cities and release suburbs and nature in general from that nuisance. Let them be on their own.

  2. Little bit off the base issues..Did you ever wondering why in hell MLK’s files is to seal till 2027? his wife Coretta Scott King the one want to seal it till the year 2027 because she didn’t want to ruin her husband’s reputation or gotcha? if suppose let say “gotcha” meaning the segregation will not be take off if the truth is out right at that moment? I am trying to find out who the judge allow to seal it till 2027? MLK wasn’t a saint man, he was beating the whites hookers up on the same day he got shot. one of MLK’s best friend Ralph Abernathy is a author book about MLK said Martin Luther King is way too obsession on about the whites females like a fetish. gotcha another words goggles still after whites proof {it’s in genes} so that’s why civil rights movement success to get away with it. see what I mean the segregation is no longer. Coretta King done a smart move because she want all those whites people who remember MLK at that time wait till died off then new generations will know the truth about MLK’s dark side {new generation will say so what about the truth is out oh well too late got the sprogs..} in 2027.

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