Britain: English Language Test for Filipino Nurses Made Easier After Just 4 Percent Pass


I offer a common sense proposition: If a Filipino nurse is not intelligent enough to learn English, then her nursing skills are probably also deficient.

Naturally, to suggest such a thing runs counter to the politically correct narrative that race (and therefore ethnicity) do not exist.

Language tests for foreign nurses working in British hospitals have been made EASIER after only eight out of 220 Filipino nurses passed.

Exams have been relaxed so more foreign nurses will have the right to work in the UK after only 4% of nurses met the required English language standards at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Bosses at the trust – which manages New Cross Hospital and Cannock Chase Hospital in the West Midlands – blamed a ‘painful’ International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for the crippling shortage of nurses.

This came after only 4% of foreign nurses achieved the minimum score of seven out of nine across five separate tests.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council are now allowing hopefuls to resit the test within six months.

Nurses will still pass if they average a score of seven over the two separate exams – which means they could score below seven in some tests but still qualify.

Linda Holland, human resources director for the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, said: “Converting offers we have made into nurses working at the trust is proving to be a painful and protracted process – the main issue being the IELTS.”

But Linda insists the new lax tests will not affect the standard of nursing.

She added: “This is the sort of evidence the NMC hasn’t seen before and we brought up the fact nurses are having to sit the test multiple times.

“We would never compromise patient safety in any way.”

Liar! Of course you’re compromising patient safety. You did that the day you began hiring Filipino nurses.

The average IQ in the Philippines is 86. That’s a huge ways below the average in Britain.

Diversity a strength? Diversity kills.

9 thoughts on “Britain: English Language Test for Filipino Nurses Made Easier After Just 4 Percent Pass

  1. This is ridiculous, the NHS is on the verge of collapse and this is going to make things worse.
    If they can speak English how will they communicate? How will they read the Latin names of dangerous drugs? We’re doomed.

  2. Not only that, but these third world Countries don’t have first world education in these fields, so it makes you wonder what you’re getting.

  3. The diversity dicks that make these decisions should be prepared to have a Filipino surgeon operate on them or their children.

    It was only a couple of years ago a so-called German doctor came to Britain and killed a patient, within a few days of arrival, by getting the drug dosage wrong.

    He had the best sun tan I have ever seen. He was, in fact, a google.

  4. The (((elites))) want these people here.

    Time was when employers used to complain at the poor command of English job applicants had. (The English ones, that is). Now non-existent language skills is becoming the norm.

    A few months ago one newspaper was reporting that 80 000 British applicants, per year, were refused training despite being qualified for the job.

    Their English was excellent. They should learn to speak in pigeon English and they’ll get the job.

    ” How to Speak Pidgin English ”

    As for the people in the NHS that make these decisions, are they English ? In many cases I would doubt it.

  5. 7 on IELTS is about right for imported nurses I think but a doctor should get at least 8. The irony is that supposedly Flips speak English. I thought that English was widespread in the Philippines? They must be dopes, as fits their brown skins. 4% passing is shocking.
    Here is the funny thing. The maximum mark is 9 and in theory every native born resident in an English speaking country who has been brought up to speak English (at home, maybe) and school, should get a mark of 9. In practice of course a huge number of native English speakers would get 7 or less. it would be fascinating to subject a group of native born Multiculturals in Australia or the USA or the UK to the IELTS test vs a test group of whites. My guess is that at least 20% of native brown and black skins would score less than 7. Whites maybe 8.5 average.
    Like the Hindu rapist above, where his gang member says “He be the coach”. This is wrong and would be marked as such, unless the test he be the Jive or Ebonics, man. Most Full Googles would probably get about 5 out of 9, maybe less.

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