Ann Coulter Live Tweeted Last Night’s Rigged Debate Moderated by Negro Lester Holt


Lester Holt is the premier anchor for NBC News, a left leaning operation not too far from CNN in its outlook.

Holt, as a Negro, would naturally want to ensure that Obama’s legacy is carried on by Hillary. He would also not want to inflame his liberal friends by tossing Hillary Clinton any tough questions.

Holt didn’t bring up the most important issue in the election, the flooding of America with illegal aliens, many of whom are hostile to traditional American values.

Trump supporter Ann Coulter had these observations via Tweets and Retweets during the so-called debate, in which Hillary and Holt (sounds like a comedy team) ganged up on the Donald.

For contrast to tonight’s debate, here’s a short sample of the Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960:

4 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Live Tweeted Last Night’s Rigged Debate Moderated by Negro Lester Holt

  1. Although no Simian Jaws and Nigger bootlips, Lester Holt is still Black, Leftie and undoubtedly obedient servant of his (((bosses))). Who will be the next host – Al Sharpfart maybe?

  2. Trump did 4 mistake I think:
    1) He interrupted Hillary too often. 2) He looked too often angry to Hillary. 3) He spoke more than the time allowed. This showed lack of respect for rules. 4) He appear more concern about Hillary than the American people.

  3. I think there is way too much focus on the debates. I know whom I’m voting for. There is nothing Hillary could do that would make me vote for her.

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