Wacky Blackie Social Justice Warrior Paints Herself White to Protest … Something

As she puts it, she’s got to get all the n*gger off!

Published on Sep 22, 2016

Everyone needs to learn from those who deeply study what is going on. Justice demands that those who need it the most, should be addressed first. The average talking head on lame stream media will not tell you what is really going on. This African (American Black) woman has made a powerful point. Her humor is the bait. The reality is that things are really that bad for so-called Black people in the United States and really bad for Africans around the world. This is all happening in the context of Zionism/white supremacy. It’s also part of a divide and conquer scenario in which everyone is fooled into fighting each other as part of a Zionist global takeover strategy. Feel free to request evidence that supports this. Until those who benefit the most from this Rothschild Zionist New World Order humble themselves enough to learn from those suffering the most, in order to change and/or learn what is really going on, nothing will change. The solutions are not in the system. They are outside of the system.

White liberal social justice warriors at youtube are loving this silly, idiotic protest. Which proves they have no sense.

7 thoughts on “Wacky Blackie Social Justice Warrior Paints Herself White to Protest … Something

  1. Those wacky SJWs! All this woman did was make a mess. If that had actually made her white she would have automatically started wondering what the hell was wrong with niggers?

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