The Shrub and Michelle Get Chummy at Opening of African-American Museum

bush obama hug

There’s always been something that smells about the whole Bush family.

Papa Bush is reported to be a pedophile. The family is suspected of a silent partnership with the drug cartels importing heroin into the U.S. George W. is reportedly an alcoholic and/or cocaine addict, which would account for his addled mind. Brother Jeb is married to a dark brown Mexican munchkin, but otherwise seems relatively normal.

The whole group is known as the Bush Crime Family, with justification, I believe.

For some reason, George W. has taken a shine to Michelle (Michael?) Obama. Maybe he has jungle fever?

In any case, the U.S. now has a politically correct African-American Museum, which as far as my reading has shown, conveniently ignores the role of JEWS in slavery, while pushing a white guilt message onto whites.

This damn abomination of a lie should be blown to smithereens. Or sabotaged with some real truth about Jews, Arabs, and the true history of slavery, not some bullsh*t cultural Marxist version.


Saturday’s dedication of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture brought together the president who signed into law the funding for the museum and the president who was in office during its completion.

But the gathering of the 43rd and 44th first couples also saw the reuniting of two unlikely friends.

Over the past eight years, former President George W. Bush and First Lady Michelle Obama have been seen becoming increasingly chummy. At public events, the two can often be found sitting next to each other, sharing a laugh or lending a hand to hold.

Saturday’s ceremony was no exception. During the event, Obama reached over and grabbed Bush into a hug as their spouses clapped and looked on.

There are about a half dozen more pics of Michelle and G. W. together at the CNN link.

africans dancing gif

8 thoughts on “The Shrub and Michelle Get Chummy at Opening of African-American Museum

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  2. Immediately after Mullah Hussein settled his ass in the Oval Office, Bush was this and that, and he went next four years blaming him for all Earthly problems. I remember how W at inauguration benevolently mumbled to reporters something like – “He will learn what Presidency is”

    Hussein’s presidential gig is coming to its “glorious” end what else he and his Moochelle can do but being “friendly”. Recently Obambo and his “darling” Hillary hugged as a passionate lovers, it was almost orgasmic. If spasmodic Harpy would become next POTUS, I bet she would blame her “loving” buddy Obambo the same way he did with W.

    Their (((Bosses))) obviously aren’t bothered with how whimsy “children” treat each other, as (((They))) are now focused on a new couple of pretenders to throne. Both met with Bibi on Sunday, ardently courting him with who of them would be better for Israhell. Boss granted more time to Trump. Hence, can we expect that our guy is chosen to continue same business for Ubers.

    • Ton – I live in Alabama and was born in Oklahoma. Does that make me a yankee? I get a little upset when I hear that word tossed around.

      I live in a small white Alabama town. I’m pro-white. But I’m telling you this right now, many of the older town members resent people like me living there. I’m not taking any jobs from anyone and I’m only living here because I like Southern values and Southern ways. I’m not one of those who came here to try and change things.

      This is what is frustrating about Southerners. Many of these so called “Southern Christians” would care more about a African with a dish in his lip who loves Jesus, than a white woman like me.

      Real Southerners would be better being pro-white than anti-yankee.

      Just my two cents.

      • The OK strate was Indian County then, a goodly number of whom fought for us, to which I am great full and welcoming

        People come down here and change our ways, we want to persevere our culture. Is that worn of us? So yes we are weary of outsiders because they all say the same shit but get to work making our towns like the towns they just left

        But no one should call an Okie a yankee unless he acts like one

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