The COKE Brothers! Bush & Clinton Linked Together in Drug Trade (Video)

The Bush/Clinton control of the illegal drug trade in the U.s. is still going on. This video offers an introduction to the evidence that suggests that both the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family should be indicted, tried, and hung from the neck until dead if found guilty.

Published on Sep 22, 2016

There is compelling evidence that suggests George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were once part of the largest drug smuggling operation in American history. Darrin McBreen and David Knight talk about the Bush and Clinton Crime Family connections with the CIA, Barry Seal, Oliver North and the Iran Contra Scandal.

2 thoughts on “The COKE Brothers! Bush & Clinton Linked Together in Drug Trade (Video)

  1. Their Coke “sins” are the least for what they should be hold accountable. As of Coke I would pardon them, for the rest – no deal. Comparing consequences of importing Coke versus importing diversity, well, I presume there is no doubt which is worse.

    IMO, cocaine could be decriminalized, as long as it would exist in its pure natural form and legalized as weed is treated nowadays. Synthetic drugs and heroine are the evil of all evils. However no worry, it will not be legalized, as its illegality is too profitable for all involved parties.

    There are foods and beverages that are more damaging from natural drugs

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