Summing Up Hillary v. the Donald

trump and hillary

Trump: Were Going to Build a Wall!
Clinton: Open Borders!

Trump: Deport Illegals!
Clinton: Amnesty Now!

Trump: Get Our Jobs Back!
Clinton: Protect NAFTA!

Trump: Stop Illegal Immigration!
Clinton: 500% More Radical Islamists!

Trump: Reduce the Citizens Tax Burden!
Clinton: Raise Taxes Across the Board!

Trump: Decent Health Care!
Clinton: Obamacare Forever!

Trump: Take Care of Our Veterans!
Clinton: Bonuses for Corrupt VA Bureaucrats!

Trump: Uphold the 2nd Amendment!
Clinton: Regulate the 2nd Amendment!, and Disarm All Law-Abiding Citizens!!

Trump: Control Our Trade Agreements!
Clinton: Pass TPP Now!

Trump: Prosecute and Jail Hillary Clinton!
Clinton: Noooooooooooooooo!

Trump: Make America Great Again!
Clinton: Make ME great again!

I saw this nice piece of work in the comments at The Hill

2 thoughts on “Summing Up Hillary v. the Donald

  1. This poem says more about “hilarious” Hillary supporters, as they are the PROBLEM. Wretched harpy is just an old physically already exhausted and spasmodic sack of tallow, while here supporters count millions.

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