Stefan Molyneux Video: The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites

According to Stefan Molyneaux, Mexican IQ is 88. That low IQ leads to failure, jealousy, and ultimately hatred of whites (and Asians) who are smarter.

But political correctness will not allow a discussion of how to raise the IQ of Mexicans. Instead, every failure of Mexicans is blamed on white oppression and racism.

This issue interests me because at the university, the low IQ president Ricardo Romo (probably an IQ of about 90 to 92) brought in barrio trash in large numbers. These thugs were the lowest of the low IQ Mexicans. Most were interested only in picking up a student loan check, which somehow they avoided repaying.

I developed a number of exercises that showed promise of raising the IQs of all students (via brain workouts), at least temporarily. I don’t think the IQ improvements that I think I saw were permanent.

Still, it’s interesting to think about how much better off we would be if low IQ nonwhites could increase their IQ, which is what Molyneaux goes on about in this video.

The comments by low IQ nonwhites on this video on youtube show that they are unwilling even to acknowledge that their intelligence level is lower than that of whites and Asians. Really, they demonstrate how stupid they are over and over, including on youtube.

15 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux Video: The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites

  1. He might be attempting to spread or reinforce the meme that anti-semitism is caused by low IQs amongst whites.
    Again, this is not the issue. It is a sidetrack. The issue is white genocide. Why bring IQ into it?
    Why bring crime stats into it?

    Really, why?
    Well behaved and intelligent diversity is still just orderly white genocide.

  2. Stephan says there will be no solution without acknowledgement of a problem.

    He thinks geniuses can solve this problem.

    The Kalergi Plan would have solved this wouldn’t it?

    At first he says groups with disparate IQs are quite successful when they live apart. Then he changes his mind and starts saying “we” need to raise non-white IQs. He says black IQs raised in the 60s. (Its because they got more white blood in them)

    Well Stephan, you think a little too much. 100 IQ isn’t that great even if you could achieve it.

    There are ways to raise IQ. For example, many people have a gene which raises IQ by 8 points but it is only activated by breast feeding. Or so the scientists say.

    But seriously, the problem is that white people are shriveling up for some reason.

    The solution is to push Hispanics past the Darien gap and make all of North and Central America White. Nuke Israel. Those two measures will ensure a lasting peace.
    Any other “solution” just leads to White genocide. Everyone knows that.

    • I wish we knew exactly why the white race is “shriveling up.” Is it related to radio waves, chemicals, food, water, something in the air? Why is it affecting mostly whites? I have questions, but no answers.

  3. How to pick up a student loan check without repaying the debt is a useful skill more Whites should master. Same for the various welfare frauds and what not

    Be an interesting post if you explained the details of that one

    • Exactly right Ton. Because of my former background in personnel/payroll I had to interact with quite a few government agencies in my career. I made it my business to somewhat befriend many of these folks. They told me all the ins and outs of getting SNAP, TANF, WIC and other programs.

      Now with the knowledge I have. I tell poor whites that I talk to in person about the local free medical and dental clinics around me. I keep their business cards in my purse and just pass them out (mostly white staff). The clinics are happy as they’re getting more business, which increases their federal funding and keeps them in jobs.

      They also get a free education on how to get the free safelink phone. Very easy to apply for, 350 minutes a month – free.

      A conversation usually starts about health and wellness around here. Either people around me have high blood pressure, bad teeth or diabetes. Many of them have used my herbal remedy ideas along with seeing a doctor and dentist on their way to health and wellness.

      Some of them have expressed a desire to stay fit and they don’t know what workout programs to do. I burn them a few DVD’s so they can do them in their home and quite a few of them have done them and are happy with the results.

      Lastly, many of them get ripped off by the jew run tax firms. I’ve showed plenty of them how to do it themselves online (for free). They get their refund in one week from the IRS and bypass these rip off check cashing centers and rapid refunds.

    • The students told me about it. Some used fake identities to pick up checks and then disappear. Some others can use some sort of poverty or hardship argument that I do not understand. I read in the mainstream press that student loans cannot be dismissed, but some students told me that they had gotten theirs dismissed. So, I’m left in a state of half-knowledge.

  4. moronowitz, the only minority in all eternity has been White People!!!

    blacks = about 3+ billion with this demon-dna

    as-ians = about 4+ billion with this demon-dna

    Whites = about 144,000 or much less, that is, Spirit People who can actually think; who do 100% of the good, ever!!!


  5. The illusion of raising the overall IQ of the sub species is and has been in play since the 1950’s. It’s called white genocide, using miscegenation to breed us out and raise the mulatto’s IQ in the process. White genocide is the subject that no one wants to raise, screw IQ, that’s frigging obvious.

    • I hesitated to put up Molyneaux’s video because the idea that you can permanently get their IQ up without is probably false. I had my own experience with student IQs that motivated me to post it. In general, I avoid Molyneaux. There’s something about him I don’t trust.

      • It is false. IQ can be raised at childhood as heritability is low. But at adulthood heritability goes to around 80 to 90 percent and environment doesn’t matter. IQ can’t be raised as its mostly genetic in nature. I talk about IQ on my blog enough, you should know this. =^)

  6. Molyneux is a Jew, a Narcissist and a Cult Leader.
    So tread warily in his pool.
    He is intelligent but does not allow anyone to disagree with him, like all cult leaders. I did not watch this video because I do not trust this oily character at all. I watched several hours of his stuff a while back until doing some research on him. Another false Messiah.

    Intelligence cannot be raised. We are born with it. Those that study hard, read hard and work hard may do better at intelligence tests. In my opinion a high IQ is also proof of competitiveness. Those that do not give a shit will do badly at all tests, even if they are highly intelligent. These test have a time component just as the 10 metre sprint does. Fast means brainier according to the tests.
    There was a scientist with a ludicrous idea long believed, that giraffes got long necks by stretching them in their lifetimes and passing this on to their kiddes. La Planck I think his name was. He has been totally discredited. It is not possible to stretch your neck for a lifetime and pass this on. Instead as per Charles Darwin natural selection randomly and erratically progressed the length of giraffes necks. E.g. those with longer necks would have survived droughts. Short necks might have mostly died out. And so on for millions of years. Women are born with a finite number of eggs. How could these eggs possibly be altered by study and brain work? In the same way it is not likely to think that each batch of a mans sperm may be altered because he has just read War and Peace or Ulysses, or watched Idiocracy.

    The world does not need 9 billion people with a high IQ. This would probably end the world of humans very quickly (yay!). All the top Nazis on trial at Nuremburg, the top dozen or so, had iQs of 130 and above. Yet they were all fooled by Hitler.

    The world needs only a few hundred thousand highly intelligent people and a lot of dumbarses to clean the streets, dig holes, grow bananas, cocoa, coffee etc. Maybe one billion in all. We already have about 8 billion people too many. The world needs either less people, or less machines.

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