Mexican Female SNL Cast Member Under Fire for THOUSANDS of “Racist” Tweets

melissa villasenor

Easily offended social justice warriors won’t give a girl a break.

Here the Mexican has given up her siesta time in order to delete “offensive” jokes from her web pages and she gets no credit for her energy and her effort to cleanse that meanness off the Internet.

Imagine if a white woman had written what Melissa wrote.

Daily Mail

When Saturday Night Live announced that it was hiring its first ever Latina cast member last week, it was landmark moment in the history of the show.

Mexican-American comedian Melissa Villaseñor, 28, is part of a minority that is sorely represented when it comes to the likes of mainstream comedy.

Yet her recruiting already has dark clouds swirling overhead after a writer for Grist, Aura Bogado tweeted that Villaseñor had quickly gone through her entire Twitter history to delete more than 2,000 tweets over the course of a week.

‘I’m excited about the first latina on SNL but not gonna lie: deleting 2K tweets in 5 days is… odd.’ Bogado posted on Twitter.

Bogado went further and managed to reveal that some of Villaseñor’s postings consisted of racist material, primarily against blacks and Asians.

In one tweet Villaseñor said she was afraid to date black men.

‘Coworker at forever 21 dates black guys and she said she will set me up on a blind date for valentines, I said yes but I’m scared.’

In another, she wrote about an ‘ugly,’ ‘bossy black lady’ at her job.

That tweet from more than six years ago read: ‘A bossy black lady at my temp job right now looks exactly like steve erkel. Ugly’.

‘Jolly black people are the best! Just laughed with one right now,’ Villaseñor also tweeted in November 2011.

racist tweet1

racist tweet2

Others have also managed to take screenshots of the comedian’s offensive rantings, yet SNL and Villaseñor have so far refused to make any official comment or apology.

Good grief. The perfectly rational fear of dating Google men is racist now! Give me a break.

So when Melissa truthfully criticizes her own people, is that racist? Apparently so, according to the new normal.

Melissa either doesn’t find white men interesting enough to mock or she likes white men. Either way, if she had Tweeted anti-white male jokes, she’d be home free.

The social justice warriors don’t consider that racist.

stupid gif blonde

74 thoughts on “Mexican Female SNL Cast Member Under Fire for THOUSANDS of “Racist” Tweets

    • No, Kristina Harman, that is not what is going on. What is going on is lesbians like you getting front row seats at the Christian BBQ. You loved a Mennonite teacher? Want my real opinion of you?

      • You are a bored, trolling old man with nothing better to do but act like an asshole on the Internet. I don’t give a FUCK what you think of me. Im not some uneducated old dude who gives a shit what people like you think. When you’re all gone from this earth, the younger generations will be happy to be rid of you. Trust me, you won’t end up in anyone’s history book. Don’t you have better things to do like watch duck dynasty? Do that.

      • Homerbuford, I have been thinking about our exchange here, and after giving it some thought I just want to say three things: one, I’m sorry if I disrespected you in any way; two, I wish I had responded differently, because as mean as I think you are being, you are entitled to your opinion; and lastly, I don’t dislike or hate religion in any way. I struggled to find my place as a lesbian Christian. I don’t want to see Christianity “barbecued” in any way. I just struggle with some of the more hateful Christians our there. And just with any group of good people, there will be exceptions. At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around what I had originally said that made you so emotional and upset. I was only asking you if this is something we all do, in regard to my first comment. It was not intended to ridicule you or Christianity is or any of the like. I’m just so tired of all the hate. Christ calls us to love one another, yea? With that being said, I may not understand you at all; your words may have come across to me as being really hateful and defensive for absolutely no reason, but God calls us to love another. So, sir, just said a prayer for you and for myself, that we may grow in our own hearts and love for all of his’s propels.

      • Kristina, now we may reason.
        I viewed your blog site and found three things that offend me.
        No, bear with me, there be four.
        One your use of the F word is an affront to the white race. It is language learned from the Negro. It’s origin is not ‘Fick’ from the German, it is a clicking, smootching sound made by central African tribes to imitate the sound made that announces to the others in the hut what is being done.
        2. Your affinity to a Mennonite ‘teacher’ my parents were old order Amish. Most of what the Mennonites do is an offense to the church. I feel your teacher, in a public school, was a wannabe.
        That statements requires far too many exchanges here and would require revealing church doctrines which, very wisely, are not discussed to outsiders.
        3. Your mention,unashamedly, of a tattoo and tomboy attire.
        I blame Marxist education on this, While I realize Karl Marx is not the Father of this movement, it goes back to Babylon and it’s founder, Nimrod.

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  2. Nice NIGGER language, miss educated pervert! Younger people will not have anything left to them you twisted hybred. Enjoy your dystopia. When the Marxists are through with you faggots, queers and confused malatropes, you will scream for mercy. None is forthcoming. Your Father is cruel beyond your F word vocabulary to describe.

  3. Why are you so hateful? Honestly? I apologized for being disrespectful to you. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t read it. If you’re so worried about Christianity, why don’t you act like a Christian ? Again, I’m just trying to understand why you have so much hate inside of you. Either way, it has to take a lot energy out of you to hold these hostile views of people you don’t understand. I don’t understand you! But, here I am, trying to. And, sir, you know damn well that Jesus preached love and not hate. He spoke of loving one another despite our differences. In less than an hour, you’ve written two hateful comments in this blog and however many additional ones you’e plastered across other social media platforms. Why can’t you get your point across with out being so nasty about it? You do realize that people shut down and stop listening when you start with the hateful rhetoric. Satan expects me to dislike you but I won’t. He expects you to hate me…sounds like you still do. But I refuse to give in to this divisiveness among my fellow Americans. I respect all of your opinions and feelings. And, I am sorry for offending you. I just want all this hate to stop so we can get to the stuff that really matters. I assume that this comment did nothing but make you more mad. That’s a shame. Because as little as I know about you, I would like to think, as a Christian, you have a big heart. It’s easy to become complacent online because you say things that you would never say to a stranger in person. But I can only pray that one day we can have a real face-to-face discussion about politics and religion with out becoming defensive. There are better way to get your message across. As for the Mennonites and my lesbianism…that was a personal struggle I’ve had since I was in middle school. Coming out. Begging God to make me straight. Trying to be straight. Coming out to my parents, the church..I was suicidal for most of my young adult life. I don’t want to go to hell and I most certainly did not want to hurt my parents and family. I don’t know how you can possibly equate perversion with my loyal loving relationship, but if that’s what you have to do to make him sleep better at night…so be it. I will be your punching board. God bless you Homerbuford. I will be praying for you.

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      • Ok, miss high I.q., what is a “partition”? I could be a son of that. 🙂
        Now which is it? Am I Amish but a hypocrite, or not Amish? Make up your biscuit to that gravy.
        You ramble suits your confusion.
        BTW, Your wife places quite a few ads on Craig’s list; your ding encrusted dildo is not satisfying her. She says you licking her clean after her bowel movement does not mean she should lick yours clean. She also reports that she is beginning to wonder why you hate men but strap on a dildo. Read all her comments on Craig’s list. It has many searches for the “real thing” a friend emailed me a screen shot from CL and another site that details what lesbians do in bathrooms and gutters. Disgusting!
        ‘Jesus’ said not to give that which is holy to the dogs (queers..doggy style) not to cast pearls before the swine you…wallowing in filth)
        You believe ‘Jesus’ loves you? You have no “pertition” for such nonsense.
        You do have a date with hell
        You saw Amish on T.V. and you are a specialist?
        Your reality is a dildo, stupid! How far from reality is that?
        Everything about you is rubber, Like the knife you put to your wrists to get attention.
        And, miss I.q , I said my parents were Old Order Amish. My parents, stupid, my parents!
        Am I a hypocrite? I am not coddling you, you hideous and odious buttlicker, I am telling you that I am your enemy. You think I am kidding?
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      • Bad news for you Dildo Hunter, I was in central Africa..Don’t need Google most of the time.
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      • We both have something to ponder;
        Me: why the satanic un natural wants to fool others and be accepted as natural.
        You: Why you deny natural is right and your perversion is Your guide stone. Just think of it! Your entire lie(fe)lived trying to prove your stench is a fragrant oder to any but swine.

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      • Thank you for that in needed advice. Ridden is a play on words. I thought you would see that, since your dildo is a play on something also

  4. I accudently hit ‘send’, Kristina, so, on this pitiable cell phone, I will continue.
    I do not have an answer to the perversion of Homosexuality
    It is not natural and saying ‘Jesus’ wants us to love one another is not the summation .
    Does ‘Jesus’ love those he will certainly cast into the lake of fire?
    What is love? It is expressed in lust and related terms also, yet, I have put to death Rams, I loved, because they hurt and bullied and mangled others in the herd, which I loved also.
    4. Your boastful announcement of your ‘wife’
    I found that unnecessary. You make no boasts of Bible teaching, morals or agreements to a social cast , but you did a ‘wife’.
    You may stand to realize, that Public schools, scientific experiments and drugs ( especially in the 60s) and free love has a logical conclusion. You are, they are, we are seeing that right now. Did God make you lesbian? How preposterous!
    Most ‘gay’ people I ask, show me nothing in the scripture to remotely suggest God did it . I do hear insults calling God the FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, The Genocidal, child molesting pedophile, none of which is true in any degree.
    The God of the Old Testament is the one of the ‘ new’ nothing has changed, but to bring the lost sheep back…and it is not the Jews! You and your ‘wife’ are under a giant delusion that God promised on ‘Christianity’.
    You prayed for me?
    Repent first. Repent! Both you and your ‘wife’ repent and seek even a Mennonite life rather than the pernicious one presently enslaved to. Yes, you are enslaved.

    • You need the prayers. You really do. You have misread all the Jesus teaches us. I will continue to pray for you. But, your hatred will not bring you through the gates of heaven. It will only keep you enslaved in your own ignorance and evil. I’m sorry we can not and fundamentally will ever agree. I believe that you are on the wrong side of this religion, and you I. So, have a nice day. I hope we do not meet again.

      • Lmao! Im actually surprised you can read. I HATE THE AMISH. They will feel the wrath of God as will you. Their cult has been around for a fragment of time considering how long the real Christian church has been here. It’s a fake religion where old uneducated white men can pretend like they have power over women and children. You have no power. You’re an old white hillbilly with no shred of integrity. And, if anyone is the BRIDE of Satan, it’s you. In fact, I have a feeling that will be your punishment in hell. Enjoy.

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      • A ‘partition’ you keep using that word….I Don’t think it means what you think….but then, dildo is not what you wish either.

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      • Nice try, pervert, for other readers I will explain something. No Old Order Amish would give you the time of day. In your clouded rants you allude to that fact…I am a hypocrite for being on line….yet you somehow come up with “Amish” who allow an abomination like you to show them your internet?
        You cannot bring me to shame,swine, Your love for filth is a drench and a stench in your every post.

      • No old order Amish would allow his son to use the Internet you fucking fool. Where do you live? Hahah I LIVE IN LANCASTER PA! I am surrounded by Amish. They fix our fences and houses. They do speak to me. And they are all appalled at your behavior. Just like your dear old dad. Turning over in his grave right now. Ohhhh this is too funny. You are too fucking funny. I don’t need to bring you shame. You are already shameful in the eyes of God. You are everything God hates. Bride of Satan. That’s you.

  5. This SNL girl (criolla?) is just a comedianne, who cares what she tweeted? Aren’t we all supposed to broadcast our every thought, as it flows, in order to not be “stuffy” and “pent up” and “phony?”

  6. US media is run and controlled by Ubers. Most comedians are Jews. Not because they are funny but because racism gets their gigs.
    Ubers are racist.
    This thread was hijacked by some Jew female so far as I can tell. She is a nutter.
    Most comedy is offensive to some group, for example even today some comedians make fun of cripples.
    In the future there will be no comedy because all offensive material will be banned, except mocking older white men. Laughing at 80 year old white guys in wheelchairs will lose its comedic edge eventually.
    Blacks are much funnier than whites. The source material is fantastic, you could not make this stuff up. All those googles inventing new products to advance humanity.
    #googlelivesmatter is great for comedy. Chicago is a street comedy zone every night.
    A woman with light coloured skin afraid to go out with a black man. How dare she? This is illegal, it is compulsory to date black men and have sex with a black man or Muslim who demands it. It will be, soon. Sweden leads the way in allowing Muslims to rape 12 year old girls without any punishment. Then to beat and attack her in the street for giving evidence in court. and trusting the police. These attacks are also legal and no charges have been laid.

    Who needs comedy when you have the (((MSM))).

    • The only way to tell the truth is to tell it.
      BTW 2 nigger cannibals were eating a white clown and one NIGGER said to the other, does this honky clown taste funny to you?

      • That darned son of ‘partition’. Interesting. A product of your high i.q.? Not sure what my “I.q.” is but I know what a man is, a woman is, a marriage is and what an abomination is. And I know that your fantasies of beastiality are displayed prominently in your rants.
        Your rants are to common sense what your dildo is to a real wife: an abomination.

      • I can’t even take you seriously. All those books you have “ridden”. What a joke. You are a huge joke. Lol. I’m laughing so hard I can’t take it. Stop speaking. You’re so funny, it’s ludicrous. Ridden. Amish. Bahahahahahahahahahahahah.

      • “Wife” “married” bahahaha thanks for visiting my post. I suddenly make sense to you. Now get on your knees and repent. Tell your ‘wife’ goodbye and see just how close IT is to telling you the same

      • What? Nothing you say makes sense. Your I.Q. is low it’s a joke. I can’t even respond to this ridiculousness because it’s SUCH A JOKE. You are not Christian. Your parents were never Amish. You have created this fictitious character that you call yourself, but he doesn’t exist. You’re just an insane old man drooling all over the keyboard with a shriveled up penis and no one who loves you. I feel sorry for you. Truly. Your life must be completely worthless.

      • Now your little inner voice is telling you that you are a social worker and psychologist?
        Be careful, it also told you your perversion is normal.
        Why do you love me in reality? Because I am telling you the absolute truth, which still clutches at your ankles while Your ‘wife’ tells you to kick your conscious UNCONSCIOUS.
        I have never personally met a queer who repented. You will be the first darling. Need a hug?

      • What are saying!? Can you actual READ a book? You sound like a mad man. Like Charles Manson, only he actually had more charisma. You are no leader. You are no Christian. Your parents were never Amish. You are pathetic. And you know it, and I know it. That is the ONLY thing you and I have in common. Aside from the fact that I have Sex with women and you with barn animals. I can literally smell you and your hypocrisy from here.

      • Oh, and stop crapoing in your hand Like a Monkey and throwing it.
        I am not a Christian, did not tell you I was, and your big grievance, not Amish…I repeat this because you are on stellazine: My parents were Amish.
        And to your attempt at Athenian ruins as art: The character I Am, if invented, was invented by God, to tell you, YOU ARE TOTALY WRONG! REPENT.

      • No God does not speak through maniacal weirdos like you. You are just hearing those rambling voices in your head again. It’s ok…your time on this earth will be short considering you’re so old and miserable and shriveled up. And when you don’t make it to heaven, you will think back to all the lies you told, all the truths you have stolen, and the world will never remember your name. Because you are a nobody.

      • God spoke through a draft horse once (ass, the biblical word)
        He never has and never will speak through a queer.

      • Yes, I am Nobody an I am unworthy of the true men..MEN… Who gave their lives before the chanting crowds of queers calling for thei death of these men because they would not bend their knee to your morphodite god.

      • Your words literally make no sense. I can’t even string together a single sentence with even the smallest bit of meaning. You’re like an animal that never evolved. God doesn’t speak through you. He doesn’t even know that you exist.

      • Just because you came from a NIGGER gisma in. Lake Victoria centuries ago, does not mean I did. I did not ‘evolve’ but if you did, from the union of a Monkey and a nigger then I won’t doubt it, maybe you came from a lab. I won’t doubt it, but you are not normal, you queers are not norm and that is that!

      • Not sure what you’re talking about again. Here he goes rambling like a blithering idiot. Because you know I’m right. You are no one. No one will remember you, least of all God.

      • You are the most abnormal atrocity I have ever met. You are literally Satan in the flesh. And that is the truth. It was you who said you must speak the truth whether you like it or not. There it is in a nice heaping pile. Only now you can’t bring yourself to swallow. Funny, considering you’re a closet homosexual.

      • It is a matter of time before you repent. You want my support? Got it! Tell your ‘wife’ keep her ads in; IT will need them.:)

      • Ignore her. Don’t take the bait. She insulted me worse than she’s insulted you. In fact, she used the same insults. Just ignore and don’t reply. If she doesn’t calm down, I’ll ban her so we can have our space back for a higher level of discussion.

      • Ignore her. Don’t take the bait. She insulted me worse than she’s insulted you. In fact, she used the same insults. Just ignore and don’t reply. If she doesn’t calm down, I’ll ban her so we can have our space back for a higher level of discussion.

      • Yea, you say it on your blog post you stupid ape. “Why the Christians are losing the argument to the atheists.” Everything you say is a direct contradiction. And you can’t even keep your lies straight anymore. You think you’re a Christian. But you’re really an unread, poorly educated, dirty old man who can’t stop thinking about dildo’s because you wish you could have one right now. Closet homosexual, that’s what you are.

      • You are reading my blogs? Wow! There is hope for you yet!( not much though, better hop that train darling, it is pulling out.)
        My advice to Christians is no claim that I am one. That is doctrinal and shut doors to you.

      • I read half of a post and realized you are reading and writing on a 4th grade level. You are also a liar, faker, and psycho path who hears voices in his head. So….lol…no one care what your blog says, which is why no one reads it. You only have to get a few sentences in before it becomes obvious that your brain has short circuited along the way. Too bad they don’t make viagra for your mind….you’re just a helpless old man with a computer. Pathetic.

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