L.A. to Cops: If Suspect is Armed, Run Away


Well, Los Angeles has come up with a creative way to avoid protests by Black Lives Matter.

Officers should just beat a retreat when a suspect is armed and dangerous. That way there won’t be any of those nasty efforts to subdue anyone and there won’t be any bleeding Googles on the streets of Los Angeles.

Cowardice in the face of an armed enemy of civilization is not the appropriate response. Have Americans become so cucked that they’re afraid to stand up to evil?


With police shootings dominating the news, the Los Angeles Police Commission has a novel idea to avoid the kind of controversies seen from Ferguson, Mo., to Charlotte, N.C.

When confronted with an armed suspect, run away.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League is none too happy about the advice.

The directors of the league responded on an LAPD blog like this: “It sure must be easy to talk about ‘redeploying’ an officer’s position while sipping a Diet Coke or bottled water while sitting in a police-guarded, air-conditioned room, in a cushy office chair, watching the events unfold in slow motion on a big-screen TV. But that’s not reality. The commission is becoming nothing more than a politically motivated rubber stamp for the warped worldview of a handful of activists that they pander to. The message the Los Angeles Police Commission is sending to officers confronted with a violent and dangerous suspect is clear: You can save your life or save your job, but you cannot do both. You choose.”

The police advocates called the commission’s latest meeting a “three-ring circus.”

The case under review involved two officers who fired at a female assailant who charged them while swinging a knife.

The commission decided the right thing to do under the circumstances was “redeploying” or “create distance” between themselves and the attacker.

Comments from officers were enlightening:

Steve: “In 1971, I made the most important decision of my life – I chose LASD over LAPD. Not for a minute have I regretted that choice, solely because of your police commission and your politically appointed chief. I don’t know how you folks can go to work each day knowing there’s a panel of know-nothings eagerly waiting to convene to put you under a microscope and judge your every action – then hang you out to dry. I have the utmost respect for those of you who can continue to function under such a screwed up system.”

Andy: “Running away is a fundamental tactical error. Closing the distance to the threat will improve the chance of survival. The Commission is simply wrong.”

Tish: “Well said. This is a dangerous and discouraging opinion from a group of self-important dilettantes who will endanger the public and put officers unnecessarily at risk.”

Patricia: “This is how cities devolve into chaotic war zones, like Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago. When the mayor appointed race-obsessed activists to the Police Commission, he put every officer’s life in grave jeopardy. Los Angeles police officers deserve support, but instead they are being targeted by the race-grievance conspiracy that, at its core, is promoting anarchy and the breakdown of our civilization.”

Officer Patricia said it beautifully. I hope the Commission doesn’t decide that she’s a racist who wants to kill six million Googles and therefore must be terminated.

nigger head

7 thoughts on “L.A. to Cops: If Suspect is Armed, Run Away

  1. Even that West Indian dude can’t outrun a speeding bullet. The guy that likes to carry the Lesbian Ellen Degenerate on his shoulder as he runs.
    They must have thought that the Cops in LA are like Superman. All PI (politically incorrect) comics must now be rewritten to show Superman running away from speeding bullets, not catching them, and then the crooks. All older Superman comics must be handed in to your nearest Thought Police Station (TPS) for pulping.

    “Los Angeles police officers deserve support, but instead they are being targeted by the race-grievance conspiracy that, at its core, is promoting anarchy and the breakdown of our civilization.”

    She is right and it is the Cultural Marxist Jews that have won the battle and the end game is now approaching.

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