Austrian town enforces curfew on underage migrants after wave of sexual attacks

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Rag heads cause trouble where ever they go. Anything less than total deportation is going to fail to head off trouble.

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Authorities in the northern Austrian city of Wels have imposed a curfew on young migrants following a series of sexual assaults at a local wine and beer festival in early September, which were committed by Afghan minors.

Underage refugees living in the town of Wels are now allowed to leave their places of residence only until 8:00pm local time, the town’s mayor, Andreas Rabl, told RT, confirming information about the curfew. He also added that the migrants would face “strict sanctions if they break these rules.”

The move comes after underage asylum seekers from Afghanistan assaulted more than a dozen women at town festival called Welser Volksfest that was held between September 2 and September 11.

On September 4, five migrants from Afghanistan were detained over sexually harassing women during the festival after eight women reported sexual assaults to police.

Following the incident, Andreas Rabl demanded “zero tolerance” for such cases in a post on his Facebook page.

By the end of the festival, the number of sexual assaults had increased to 17, prompting a strict response from the authorities.

“We had the problem that the female visitors of the festival being the victims of sexual assaults. 17 women in the age between 18 and 50 years were abused during the festival in Wels. Their abusers were refugees from Afghanistan and these refugees were in the age between 15 and 16,” the mayor told RT, adding that one more assailant was 23 years old.

The mayor also said that the number of sexual attacks in his town is constantly growing, stressing that there had been 193 such complaints since the beginning of the year by August.

Rabl also said that the town authorities plan to implement additional security measures to tackle the issue “in the long term”, including increasing the number of police officers and the coordination between private security and police forces.

He also announced plans to set up surveillance cameras at festivals and in the town as well as to deploy more police officers in plain clothes at future public events.

When Muslims aren’t groping and raping women, they’re killing them. as in Washington state’s Cascade Mall shooter.

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3 thoughts on “Austrian town enforces curfew on underage migrants after wave of sexual attacks

  1. ” 17 women in the age between 18 and 50 years were abused during the festival in Wels.”

    Bull. The vast majority of such crimes are not reported. So a minimum realistic estimate would be 170 women were assaulted and only 17 went to the police. Why would any Western person trust their own Government which brought these scum in to Austria in the first place? Send them all back to Afghanistan.

    No minors anywhere are allowed out and about at night time, the minimum age would vary. All children need their parents permission to go out at night. Who gave these scum permission to roam the streets at night, when the powers of evil are exalted? What are 15 and 16 year olds doing unsupervised at a festival for adults based on wine? They should all get jail time for sexual assault, three years or so each.

    Austria hang your head in shame. How many naieve women still go to railway stations with signs “Welcome Rapefugees”?

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