Video Shows Ugly Dark Muslim Female Bitching Out White Man on University Campus in Australia

Tunisia Veil Standoff

The title of the embedded video below, showing a disgusting dark Muslim female screaming at a hapless white man that he doesn’t belong on campus, is titled:

Muslims Taking Over Universities. Triggered

Muslims take over everything. It’s in their nature to be obnoxious and loud. They are not like us.

If I recall correctly, the following analysis of Muslim behavior came from a youtube or liveleak comment.

As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:

United States — Muslim 0.6%

Australia — Muslim 1.5%

Canada — Muslim 1.9%

China — Muslim 1.8%

Italy — Muslim 1.5%

Norway — Muslim 1.8%

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

This is happening in:

Denmark — Muslim 2%

Germany — Muslim 3.7%

United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%

Spain — Muslim 4%

Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for

Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring in:

France — Muslim 8%

Philippines — 5%

Sweden — Muslim 5%

Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%

The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%

Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:

Guyana — Muslim 10%

India — Muslim 13.4%

Israel — Muslim 16%

Kenya — Muslim 10%

Russia — Muslim 15%

After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

Bosnia — Muslim 40%

Chad — Muslim 53.1%

Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and ***ya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

Albania — Muslim 70%

Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

Sudan — Muslim 70%

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

Egypt — Muslim 90%

Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

Iran — Muslim 98%

Iraq — Muslim 97%

Jordan — Muslim 92%

Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

Pakistan — Muslim 97%

Palestine — Muslim 99%

Syria — Muslim 90%

Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

Somalia — Muslim 100%

Yemen — Muslim 100% Less..

Published on Sep 21, 2016

This is where it begins folks.. The guys was wearing a t shirt of a political party that is anti Islam.

Seen originally at Liveleak

11 thoughts on “Video Shows Ugly Dark Muslim Female Bitching Out White Man on University Campus in Australia

  1. With more and more White people leaving the principles of the Bible, this very thing( Hittite uprising) was predicted and expected. Today white people who claim to be atheists, agnostic, or at some spectrum, ‘not religious’.
    Well whitey, you had better get back to the God of our patriarchs; our enemy is VERY religious!
    The one eyed God, Odin, and the other freaks of ‘walhalla’ and the mystic fakirs from India, the obese hippopotamus, Buddha and the gypsy woman Palm readers and psychic witches have done as much for us as the chicken bones have for the Negro.

    • I try to stay out of religious discussions, but if the West does not embrace the protection that kept us safe for 2000 years, we will all be either killed or forced to be Muslims in the near future.

      • Two rules I break with a vengeance:
        1. Never discuss politics.
        2. Never discuss religion.

        It is my duty to discuss them.
        If every Bible in the world was burned, the revival could be accomplished at any major library; the Bible has been quoted in its entirety.
        The study of the Bible is the study of law, the study of politics and the study of History.
        “The Bible is written by man!” The doubter warns

        And who writes the rubbish for public schools?
        Who writes the daily lies in newspapers?
        Who wrote the lies about America being independent from England?
        Who wrote the lies about the war of Northern aggression in 1860, calling it a ‘civil’ war?
        Who wrote that Man went through the radiation of the van Allen belt and walked on the moon?
        Who wrote the lies that defrauded the reputation of the saintly Marie Antoinette?
        Aaaaand who is writing about a Zika ‘virus’ and passing laws to vaccinate everyone against their will?
        You are correct to say it is far better to study the God of our white patriarchs, than to turn to the hellish god of islam
        Our God said not to ***k goats and others beasts.Islam? Have at it!
        Our God said, if you lay with a maiden, marry her! islam? Rape her!
        Our God said, love your wife. islam? stone her for ‘honor’.

      • I have to pretty much agree with Homer on this one. We have lost our cohesion that kept us strong and together. We have become morally scattered and have little to unite us, not even enough hatred of the stinking jews and sand coons.

        In other news, a man shoot 4 women in the make-up dept of Macy’s in Washington state. They called the man Hispanic but anyone can see from the photo, he’s a sand nigger.

      • homerburford i agree with you about the lies and I know who wrote them. It was the jews and a few goy allies.

  2. A lot of those statistics are doubtful. Australia has way more than 1.5% of the scum and China has way more than 1.8%. They have tens of millions of the bastards.
    UK has multiple septic tanks full of the turds, not counting the offical 2.7%. I will bet the Western statistical con artist types only count those that attend mosques and ignore the rest, such as those swarms of revolting kiddies seen everywhere in the streets with their horrible mothers! There are several small kids for each adult Muzzie mother, usually six. These kids would not be counted as Muzzies until they turn 18 or so. By then their numbers will be staggering.
    Turkey has way less than 99.8% shits. Kurds are not all Muslims, or are they, dunno, lots of them follow other faiths.
    But the main point is valid – approach 100% Muslims and your country becomes hell on earth. No wonder they pray to go to heaven.

    If that stock photo is Australia, then God forgive those white male politicians that intentionally turned Australia into a shithole in just fifty years. Two hundred years of building a strong and proud white Australia has been destroyed just by the whispers of a few Marxist Jews in to a few ears of politician/race traitors. Greased with some manila envelopes packed full of used folding readies. About thirty pieces of silver for each traitor. Crucify them! Hanging is too good for them.

  3. OK, both of those cunts needed to be throat-punched, especially the nigger who, it seems, pushed or otherwise touched the man. Touch me and you’ll get punched; no question about it. I physically assaulted the same senior Petty Officer THREE different times, over a period of just over one year, and got away with it every time. I could have gotten 10 years in Leavenworth for each offense. Let’s see; I bitch-slapped him after he had hit me on the head with a screw-driver, almost broke the index finger with which he had just poked me in the chest, and knocked his faggot ass off the bench on which he was sitting, for giving me unreasonable orders (no physical contact by him). I would definitely give those cunts an attitude adjustment.

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