Video Purports to Show Charlotte Police Planting Gun (Refuted)

Blacks believe that Keith Lamont Scott, killed by a black Charlotte cop, was unarmed, as his family claimed. Four nights of Charlotte “protests” have been the result.

Did police plant the gun found on Keith Lamont Scott, the so-called “victim” (the word the press is using to describe him)? Watch the above video or any of the videos of the shooting in my earlier post on his shooting.


In the second video in this post, Mark Dice refutes the insane claim that police planted a gun while Scott’s wife was recording them from 50 feet away while yelling obscenities at them.

Blacks believe what they want to believe. In my earlier post on the shooting, I have the link to a news article in which the police offer evidence that the gun found at the scene had Scott’s fingerprintes and DNA on it.

6 thoughts on “Video Purports to Show Charlotte Police Planting Gun (Refuted)

  1. I can’t see any sort of hand off but given TNB it’s more likely one of the cops used his foot to pull/ drag the gun from under the body to out of reach of the tango

    Which is likely allowable given the priority most police procdures place on officer safty. I can’t tell from the video, but I also wouldn’t be surprised in the tango is handcuffed.

    While I have no idea about that jurisdiction, gun or no gun, it looks like a legit shooting. As in the tango didn’t comply and reached for something with it not being unreasonable to assume the tango was reaching for a weapon. Which could be offset by all sorts of things. The tango could have been verbally complying “ok officers, let me get my ID”; he could be saying “i’m gonna kill you” or who knows what

    All that to say there is always more going on then captured on video, especially a video that could have been edited before release… which is all of them

  2. Only an absolute idiot would plant a gun in full view of a camera that is running.

    And who is it that screams conspiracy theorist ? The left. They’re screwballs.

  3. “Bad cops BEEN planting guns on black men murdering them. Caught on video this time. Enough.”

    It was a bad google cop in this case. Why would he do this ?

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