Internet Explodes in Skepticism Over Quick Police ID of Mall Shooter as “Hispanic”


This is the third post in the last 12 hours on the mass shooting in a Burlington, Washington mall.

The discussion online is increasingly focused on the ethnicity of the shooter, identified by police as Hispanic.

Everyone is skeptical of how quickly the suspect, shown above in the Tweet, could be identified as a Hispanic so quickly.

Four of the five dead were women. Muslims hate women. Ergo …

There’s also liberal idiots weighing in to claim that speculating about a media lie is RACIST:

A few others have noticed that when Hillary’s in trouble that a new terrorist event takes place to distract people from her lies and corruption:

Full body shot of the perp:

I won’t post the Tweets, but a number of lying liberal a**holes are posting all over the Internet that the shooter is WHITE.

Does he look white to you?

He could be Hispanic, but he sure as hell ain’t white.

18 thoughts on “Internet Explodes in Skepticism Over Quick Police ID of Mall Shooter as “Hispanic”

  1. Odds are that he is an Afghan. They are nice folks that love the West. He looks like a Muzzie to me and not a Spic.
    Funny how the SJW tweets above do not care that Hispanics are wrongly being smeared by the (((media))). Are they (do gooder leftie hate mongers) racists?
    Are cop spokespeople liars? Yes. Later, they say this was so the bad guys would feel safe and then Plod would swoop and catch them unawares.
    The media then neglects to tell the truth later on about nice Muzzie diversitists. “Yesterdays news” they call it.

  2. I can’t recall that any Hispanic has been involved in mass shootings in US or EU, ever, not even Latinos. How about Muzzies – hmm…they and (((MSM))) keep telling us that terrorism is “not who they are”. I think I will put my bet on the Muzzie cart. The one from the picture looks more like some Afghan or Arab, but that’s just my educated opinion. After all, Muzzies are those that do the staff like this.

  3. Kind of hilarious that there is a national debate about this guy’s ethnicity. The term “Mystery Meat” could not be more appropriate. They all gotta go. White nation NOW.

  4. “Everyone is skeptical of how quickly the suspect, shown above in the Tweet, could be identified as a Hispanic so quickly.” They have no trouble identifying the perpetrator as being White before the body hits the ground.

      • Skype (((media))) is not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. They get the first and most important call which sets the agenda for all of the sheep watching in their electronic synagogue. By the time the facts come out, they’ve already accomplished what they wanted, and they move quickly to more urgent matters such as what color gown Madonna will wear. The impression sticks with the sheep, and is reinforced at the next one.

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  6. Funny how all of this BABBLE is a distraction from the fact that this EASTERN MALE went and targeted and KILLED WESTERNIZED FEMALES at a makeup counter.

    Symbolism here is that this was a mass anti female shooting not unlike the likes of the Virginia Tech shooter (Asian mystery meat’s vics mostly female) as well as Sodini at the the gym in Western PA, the Beverly Hills’ shooter who targeted blondes, and the shooting in 1989 in Quebec of the female engineering students.

    Research and discern……it is the attack on the female principle.

    Go home cheap labored dune coons and get some fucking balls men who actually love women!

    • So far, I’m the only one who noted that he targeted women. If you go to the makeup stand, you’ll find women, right? And that’s what he did. But on Twitter, no one has commented on the targeting of women. They’re too hung up on his race.

      • Twitter is for Paid Twits to distract dumbed down Kwans from the fact that this man targeted Western Women or Vain Women.

        He apparently worked as a security guard at that mall… he a latent gay male? Many of these Mohammedian Man Meats are, which is why their women are covered up in sheets just as the men so there is no distinction between men and women.

        I am with the French…vive la difference!

        Now I am not into the Tranny Look that includes full on fakery, but make up is okay.

        This POS is an extremist and/or an unhinged Dune Coon who hates women because he envies them. We covet what we see every day.

        Here this man comes to the USA to pursue the fake American dream ony to work for minimum wage to pay taxes to fund the Lives of the Luxe in his mind. Must have made him angry.

        The American Woman, first vilified by her own via Second Class Citizenry by her own ‘brothas’ has been set up to be genocided by an angry Weimar Government invested with DL Males.

        Reports out there state that “this was not an act of terrorism”. Really? Wtf it then?

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