Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee speaks a truth that is suppressed in schools today. My history teacher, Mr. Kent, taught the truth. Which is why he would be fired today if he were still alive.

11 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Robert E. Lee

  1. Of course not, this war was about a BRAVERY of those that stood against oppression and for INDEPENDENCE! Next war would or will be for the same values

  2. The North had the weight of numbers of millions of European slum blow ins, the money and the industry. The South had Aristocratic and gentlemanly values, courage and vastly better officers. Robert E lee was offered command of the Northern Armies but he turned it down to instead lead the Southern Armies. The Northern job was then given to an imbecile.
    In the same way the WWI and WWII Prussian officers of an aristocratic background were superior to the average British, American and Soviet officer.
    Naturally nowadays aristocracy is always mocked, think of Foghorn Leghorn, cartoon character of a brutal and unsympathetic Southern type.
    Jews had money in Europe but they had no titles, which made them very jealous and angry. So they ended the rule of most European dynasties via war and revolution, even personally killing some like the Tsar and his family.

  3. The war of 1860 never ended;it continues where, might I ask, is the treaty, and why did I successfully argue in court, that I am the citizen of a conquored nation?

      • Ad Germany too. Germany is officially still occupation zone, presumably up to 2099. They are also the only European country without constitution.

        “Thus, there are the two words “Constitution” (“Verfassung”) and “Basic Law” (“Grundgesetz”). Germany may not have a Verfassung yet, only a Grundgesetz. The Basic Law was imposed by the allies in 1949 and differs from a Constitution created by a sovereign people”

        No wonder why mad cow (((Merkel))) obeys her Washington’s Skyp bosses on the subject of “refugees” and “immigration”

    • Oops, omitted Bosnia & Herzegovina, it’s another European country with peculiar “constitution”

      “The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina makes an integral part of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina so called Dayton Peace Agreement which was initialed on November 21st 1995 in Dayton (USA) and signed on December 14th 1995 in Paris. The text of the Constitution is presented in the Annex 4 and defines Bosnia and Herzegovina as a complex and decentralized country with two entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska”

      In a certain way this country too is under foreign control, where EUFOR replaced SFOR to keep bonnet on the boiling Bosnian “melting pot”. Muslim Bosnians versus Serbs and Croats, where all three are autochthone Europeans, and it doesn’t work. If this one can’t work, how the hell could Multi-Racial pot work.

      The point is that Forcefully created Melting Pots are predestined to fail.

      • Excellent Information! Thank you, Thank you! The USA is a state ( corporation) of Washington, a soveign entity of London ( not the city, the Corporation)

    • As you mentioned your – “citizenship of a conquered nation” – next might be useful to you too.

      Recently I had back and for with some (obviously Lefty) on the subject of NWO and what they are doing. After calling me the usual he finally coughed – OK, and what is that NWO according to me?

      My Reply:

      According to me and FACTUALLY (((NWO))) or (((PTB))) is (((GLOBAL 9/11)))

      9/11 has been (((NWO))) insider job, which is evident thru amazingly perfected controlled demolition of all three buildings, WTC and 7. Silent Majority swallowed official explanation and keeps swallowing all further crap served on their plates. (((Global 9/11 Gang))) or (((NWO))) or (((PTB))) with same perfection controls world’s demolition.

      (((They))) can do that with such easiness thanks to total unawareness of ordinary Human majority, who are disengaged by regular obligations, engagements and commitments and in addition cunningly tranquilized with all possible hedonistic trivia, from sport events entertainment, fashion, poverty, welfare, etc. In the meantime main task of “trustworthy” (((MSM))) is to maintain general sheeple calm and ignorance.

      Defiant from Alt-Right like me are hysterically marked as Conspiracy Loons, Racist, Neo-NAZI and who knows what else. Radical Lefty Ultra-Liberal Ideologists and Cultural-Storm-Marxists, as devoted (((PTB))) first-rate servants are quite diligent in painting illusion of “spotless” Liberal Democracy in faggy-rainbow of Be-Happy Don’t-Worry colors. To annihilate eventual awareness and consequently beginning of resistance (((they))) now hastily import even more colors, TW “refugee” colors.

      Multicultural additives should have cooling effects, but socio-engineered experiment “unexpectedly” shows growing temperature in the recklessly contemplated Melting-Pressure-Pot. Possibility and hope is that TW “refugee” “stabilizing” colors might turn in (((their))) major mistake. God help us if (((they))) succeed!

      • (((They))) must not be allowed to succeed at any level. Ultimately, they will kill us and themselves too.

        If they do, it’s all over for the whole planet. I don’t mind seeing them go extinct, but the dogs, cats, elephants, lions, etc. won’t survive the nuclear holocaust that will engulf the planet in radiation.

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