Breaking: Cascade Mall Shooter Arrested, Hillary Supporter, Vetted, Originally from Turkey


The authorities in Burlington, Washington have some explaining to do.

They, along with a compliant news media, fed the public the information that the killer of five people in Washington last night was an Hispanic.

Only because of the Internet and a skeptical public was the idea brought forward that he was likely to be a Muslim.

This Muzzie piece of shit is also a Hillary supporter. I hope Donald Trump reams her leaking anal cavity really good at Monday’s debate. This is a cunt who called Trump supporters deplorable, while ignoring the fact that her supporters include mass murderers whom she never disavows.

Meanwhile, the media can’t get enough of the relatives of the dead black thugs that dot the landscape in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, etc. You think CNN can squeeze in a little time to feature the grief stricken families killed by a dirty Muslim who shouldn’t have even been admitted to the States!

Bear in mind that Cetin is a LEGAL immigrant.

One more thing. The press is repeating the horse manure that no motive has been established for the murders. Hey dumb asses, how about he’s a Muslim and that’s enough motive.

How about admitting he targeted women while you’re at it, you shits.

Link to Arcan Cetin’s Facebook

Link to Arcan Cetin’s Twitter

21 thoughts on “Breaking: Cascade Mall Shooter Arrested, Hillary Supporter, Vetted, Originally from Turkey

  1. His choice of black clothes for his Chimpout was an intentional nod to ISIS in my opinion and one of the many clues that this shitskin was not an Hispanic. I hope Trump wins a lot of Hispanic votes after this.
    Sadly, Turks are among the best of the botulisms. What does this say about he rest of the Muslims (swelling cans full of poison)? Do Turks still now expect that Europe will give them visa free entry?
    I like the way the spiel (sic) checker here turns misspeld (sic) Msulimk into botulism.
    Botulism is deadly and so are Muzzies. MoeHamIDumbs. Mo, Ham and Edom are all Jew names! MoHamEd was a semitic Jew.

    “Will the lying mainstream media & liberal asshats apologize to Hispanics for throwing them under the Islamic bus?”

    • I had two different Turkish grad student assistants at the university. They seemed decent enough. Neither one of them went off on rants about American “whores” the way the Muzzie professors did.

      The photo released of him in the black t shirt was blurred on the front of the shirt. It may have had some ISIS logo on it, which would make the Hispanic story even more despicable.

      • Of course!! Duhhhh@me! It said “DOL” and as a correctional nurse I wasn’t familiar with the term. BTW, do you check your Twitter account? I’ve directed some your way.

      • No, I never check my Twitter account for two reasons: 1. I don’t have the time. 2. I haven’t had the time to look at how Twitter works.

        I focus on finding material for this site and on the comments here.

      • I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets and if something crosses my path I A. change the scheduled tweet and B. send new info from whatever electronic device I’m on. Then I format them & add my texts pictures later when I have time.

  2. Sometimes I think the topic should be White genocide, not crime.
    This kind of message implies that if non-whites did not commit crimes they would be OK in our countries. I don’t believe that to be the case.

    • Googler I agree with you. Demographic change is 1000 times more important than terrorism and crime, Even a crime like 911, 3000 murdered for an insurance job, is nothing compared to the one million US future citizens aborted every year, most of them white.
      Crime is spectacular and interesting whereas genocide which takes 100 years seems like a glacier, not even moving to most people.

  3. I wonder how American-Turkish POS Cenk Uygur will comment this on their The Young Turks epically biased and worthless Ultra-Left social Internet PRATTLING program

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  5. Interesting that the Dotson women possess a last name that may have been a Judaified version of Dodson. Maybe he was targeting them because they were Jewish?

    • Probably just targets of opportunity, but it’s an interesting point you raise. The power elites would not want us to know that a Muslim targeted Jews. Only evil white Nazis go after Jews in their world.

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