Armed and Ready Asian Woman Shoots at Negro Home Intruders, Killing One (Video)

home invasion georgia security tape

Good news.

An Asian woman with a gun took out an armed Google home invader earlier this month. Several more escaped, however. Police have released the surveillance video of the incident in hopes that the remaining perps can be identified and arrested.

Don’t worry, nice Asian lady. Hillary will confiscate your gun and theirs too (LOL) so you will have nothing to worry about. You can sit around the campfire with your friendly black neighbors singing Kumbaya.

IB Times

A Georgia woman opened fire on three accused armed robbers — fatally shooting one — earlier this month.

Surveillance footage of the Sept. 16 incident in Gwinnett County was recently released by the police department in the hopes that the video will help find the two remaining intruders. The video has since been shared on numerous local news sites and on social media.

“It’s not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing the crime unfold — an actual home invasion. They’re not wearing anything on their faces, so we’re highly anticipating someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people,” Gwinnett County Police Department Cpl. Deon Washington told Pix11.

The footage shows intruders bust open a door and rummage through the home before the woman emerges from her room and begins firing shots at the men.

“She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property,” Gwinnett County Police Department Cpl. Deon Washington told local station WSB-TV.

After the woman starts shooting, the startled men run for the door. Atlanta resident Antonio Leeks was shot and killed in the invasion. It is not clear if the other two men were injured.

The woman’s name has not been released, but she has been identified as a local restaurant manager who was staying at the Spring Drive home for work-related reasons.

Watch muh niggas scatter in panic. So much fun!!!

Here’s a TV news report on this most excellent incident.

11 thoughts on “Armed and Ready Asian Woman Shoots at Negro Home Intruders, Killing One (Video)

  1. Great to see one Goofyler was wiped out. Good riddance, shame that two armed Googs got away. No street marches, no burning, no Soros riots? Where are the #googlelivesmatter antifas pro crime (((commie))) rats?

  2. Biden once managed to produce a sane and logical advice, it was his the only one, but coincidentally he was right – GET the Pump-Action Shotgun, something like Benelli M4 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotgun. Of course you would need a scraper too, to scrape down Google’s peaces from the wall. Wiping away Google’s “cookies” had always been my extra pleasure.

    • Ole Dopey Joe also said that the thing to do is fire two “blasts” into the air to scare them off. He seems to have forgotten about this thing called “gravity”.

  3. Maybe I missed something or that audio track of the 911 call had something missing but it seemed to me that the dispatcher spent way too much time asking questions that could have been asked later. The caller said her home had been invaded by, she thought, two armed men. I would expect the dispatcher to have confirmed the address and sent the police on the way and THEN keep the woman on the line and get more information. Probably another quota-filler.

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