Watch! Black Protester Who Hugged White Cops Gets Cursed Out

You don’t go hugging your enemies. The well-meaning gentleman of color should understand that. So, should the white cops, who appear eager for a hug.

Excerpt from Dissident Right

I.The Criterion of the Political

In Schmitt’s central work, The Concept of the Political, he offers, according to Julien Freund (a Schmittian philosopher), “a criterion to identify the phenomenon of politics.” [1] This criterion is the seemingly reductionist friend/enemy distinction. As Schmitt himself notes, “The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy.” [2] For Schmitt, a “people exists politically if it constitutes an independent political unity and in the name of this unity opposes itself to other kinds of unity.” [3] Essentially, a people can only be said to exist on the level of the political to the extent that it identifies itself by its opposition to some Other, which does not exist within its own circle. No doubt, this seems a simple reiteration of the basic in-group/out-group distinction.

Of course the black fellow will be cursed out. He’s perceived as the enemy. The other white cops should have been cursing out the two whites who hugged him.

It’s basic survival to identify your friends and your enemies.

One thought on “Watch! Black Protester Who Hugged White Cops Gets Cursed Out

  1. It looked nice and cultivated, but it changes nothing, even if he was ultimately honest. REALITY CONTRADICTS!

    Ordinary Lefties don’t wont to understand common principles from everyday life, where families for instance, as a basic form of organized life live in their own houses or dwellings, and not as a herd of animals together in some hangar or enclosed pasture. Even families from Stone Age tribes have own huts.

    Same should be with different Races and cultures, everyone on her own, separated by logical distinctive lines. Tensions and conflicts are immanent to all living creatures, and in contrast with artificial Multicultural formation, Monocultural societies are at least free of diversified collisions.

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