Treasonous White Woman Mayor of Charlotte Set to Join Protesters Tonight

One of the things I’m noticing is that the media has picked up the word “victim” to describe the thug shot and killed by a black Charlotte cop. Since when are criminals victims?

The sarcastic commentary by Prophetic Times on its live stream is hilarious at times. PT picks up feeds from multiple sources. When they shut down, PT will close tonight’s live stream.

Attention whore Hillary Clinton has cancelled her Sunday trip to Charlotte, where I’m sure she would have stirred things up.

Highlights of developments tonight up to 9 P.M. Central time:

And finally, there’s always the propaganda designed to show the good blacks. This one features a mulatto kid:

6 thoughts on “Treasonous White Woman Mayor of Charlotte Set to Join Protesters Tonight

  1. I am not saying she is right; however, you lumped women in with the nogs “back in da day” when voting rights were given to BLACK MEN BEFORE ALL WOMEN, so logically, it makes sense that many of these women align with the nogs.

    Should have given your sisters their rights long ago. Repression leads to rebellion.

    • Apparently granting our sister’s their rights leads to rebellion too. Rights, no rights, some rights…it all leads inevitably to rebellion. So, sisters, now that you’ve rebelled, how’s that working out for you?

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