This Picture of a White Female Race Traitor Speaks a Thousand Words

Click on the Tweet to see the negative responses to her anti-white protest. You have to wonder how many shekels George Soros paid her for her idiotic act of treason.

Recall that no whites were involved in the Charlotte shooting. It was a case of a black cop shooting a black thug who had a gun.

While leftists claim that all white people are racists, these same idiots proclaim Islam a religion of peace and Muslims to be good folks who just want to get along.

They also ignore the hatred of whites by blacks, justifying it with leftist ideology.

15 thoughts on “This Picture of a White Female Race Traitor Speaks a Thousand Words

  1. There is something very telltale about the skank in the pictures eyes. I see it in most SJWs I’ve had the displeasure of encountering; their eyes are dark lifeless and full of hate, just like certain species that came from afrika

  2. She has lesbian and low IQ written all over her. There’s something behind those eyes that says mean and hateful. Sadly, those like her are members of our race. We need to leave them behind.

  3. Her sign is typical of lefties, Skypes and SJWs.
    Racist and Bullshit. Why not just racist? Why are racist words bullshit?
    Science on race is to her bullshit and racist because she does not approve of science when it contradicts her womens “feelings”.
    Black Googles living in the Dark Continent have an average IQ of 67. Googles are 12.5 times more likely to murder a white wife then a white husband in the USA. Googles are 14% of the USA population but commit more than half of all violent crimes. Google men rape white women, often and everywhere where Googles live near white women. The number of Googles raped by white men is so low they cannot record it as a statistic i.e. it is recorded as zero in the USA. These facts are inconvenient to her so they are “racist” and “bullshit”.

    I speak neither racism nor bullshit. My ideas are my own. Not every one has to agree. But none of my ideas are bullshit. They are all founded on some degree of rational thinking and often straight out and out facts.
    For example I saw 911 live on TV. I was up late in Sydney watching the US finance channel on cable. I saw George Bush reading a book to a group of Google Children. I saw his face when he was told of a plane hitting a New York skyscraper. I formed my own opinion at that time which has never been altered by any other information. George Bush looked as guilty as hell.

  4. I do not support her; however, our founding morons placed the black male ABOVE THEIR OWN SISTERS. They created their own enemies.

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