They hate white people. Outrage as Congressman Speaks Truth About Charlotte Riots


Excerpt from Daily Mail

A North Carolina congressman said that people are protesting in Charlotte because they ‘hate white people for being successful’.

U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, a Republican whose district includes parts of Charlotte, was asked by an interviewer for the BBC what grievance the protesters have.

In the video posted online on Thursday, Pittenger responded: ‘The grievance in their mind is – the animus, the anger – they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.’

He later released a statement apologizing and saying that his anguish over the situation led him to give a response he regretted.

‘What is taking place in my hometown right now breaks my heart,’ he said.

‘My anguish led me to respond to a reporter’s question in a way that I regret. The answer doesn’t reflect who I am.


Good grief. Never say it’s not who you are. No one cares.

A better strategy I think is to demand that the mainstream media prove you’re wrong, via collected news clips of the rioting. Just how much hate would cops testify to being on the receiving end of? A lot I think. And how economically successful are these protesters? What percent of them live off welfare?

It’s better to put the spotlight on the white man beaten up in the parking garage in Charlotte. It’s better to talk about ending welfare and food stamps for rioters.

There are many possibilities to save face. Giving in to leftist egalitarianism isn’t the way to go, Congressman Pittenger.

14 thoughts on “They hate white people. Outrage as Congressman Speaks Truth About Charlotte Riots

  1. This is exactly why I like Trump, he says THE FACTS, and he never bows after Turdish (((MSM))) get in catatonic frenzy and DEMAND apology from him. By defying them he clearly tells them to fuck off. To be the leader, it takes the BALLS. To confront packs of spasmodic (((MSM))) hyenas alone, it takes even more BALLS. The only balls Hillary has are that of her slickly hubby and a lot are known where he dared to engage his balls. BBC or CNN, hard to say which is worse.

    • Regrettably this is proving to not be true – the Donald is beginning to roll over like a trained dog. Had hope for Trump – and still beats killary by exponential factors beyond computation, but respect is gone.

  2. Never back down. Double down. Trump showed us the way.
    Also never accept the labels the ((media))) apply to us. I had a conversation with a friend who is of the looney left, in his mid fifties, and he tried several times “Conspiracy Theories” and so on. I deflected and diverted. Naturally I will never convince him and he will never convince me. Pointless waste of effort on both sides.
    He gets all his 911 “facts” from original (((media))) footage such as the guy shouting “Hey that was a commercial airliner”. I said did you know guys like him also were in place at Boston and elsewhere saying things to the media? Have a look you will recognize his face.
    He lives more than 1000 k;s from Sydney in heavily white area, having left the heavily Muslimified area of Sydney he grew up in in the white days. He denies the Asian invasion and quotes a statistic “only 6% of Australians are form Asia”. Bull! This would not count any of their children born in Australia, nor the illegals and huge numbers of students and others, most of whom never leave.
    Sydney is now like Hong Kong or Singapore.
    “Beam me up, Captain Sulu” (actor is a real life poof).

  3. Well, the good congressman tells at least some truth – the niggers, oops, I mean googles, DO hate us. But our success has nothing to do with it. They hate us because their jew, I mean skype, handlers tell them to.

    Never apologise for the truth people, and support no one who does.

  4. Never apologize, defend or justify what you say. He said the truth and he should have left it at that. Niggers never apologize for what they say. Whites are way too nice. Just tell the truth and let it klunk to the floor. If there is a pregnant awkward pause, so be it. It’s in those awkward pauses, the real truth comes out.

  5. I left a comment on Twitter. He needs to hear from us. If interested, go to @reppittenger if you have a Twitter account.

    Rep Robert Pittenger ‏@reppittenger · 15h15 hours ago

    I apologize to those I offended and hope we can bring peace and calm to Charlotte.

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