Malaysian Ranger Rescues Dog with Plastic Container Stuck on Head

Callous Asians left a dog to die. How common is that?

This story, at least, has a happy ending.

Get well soon, Plasty!

KOTA KINABALU (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS)- A dog with a plastic container stuck to its head for days in Malaysia’s Kota Kinabalu has been rescued by rangers from the state’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

The rescue came after a senior Sabah Wildlife Department officer received a call about the plight of the stray dog named Plasty that had its head trapped in a plastic container while foraging for food at a suburban housing estate garbage dump.

A team headed by Wildlife Rescue Unit veterinarian Dr Nabila Sarkawi tranquillised it and removed the plastic container from its head.

The team then treated the animal, the Wildlife rescue unit said in a posting on Facebook.

“The dog was severely dehydrated and probably had no food or water for days. It would not have survived another 36 hours with the container stuck to its head,” Dr Nabila said.

The dog was then brought to the SPCA Kota Kinabalu for further medical treatment.

They have named the dog Plasty as he was found with a plastic container stuck to his head.

“Plasty’s condition has stabilised,” Dr Nabila said, adding that it should make a speedy recovery at the shelter.

Many expressed shock over residents’ apathy to the suffering of the dog that was seen within the housing area.

The wildlife unit, based at the nearby Lok Kawi Zoo, has in the past rescued distressed dogs in the city.

Many netizens hoped that the public would be more careful in dumping containers that could harm the animals in the city.

One thought on “Malaysian Ranger Rescues Dog with Plastic Container Stuck on Head

  1. “Wildlife Rescue Unit.”
    Dogs are not wildlife so this unit was being misused. Dogs kill wildlife and are very damaging to the ecology of any National Park, though not so much as cats, unless the dog joins a pack. Cats are survivors, skilful hunters and can live alone pretty much anywhere, by killing whatever native animals live there. Dogs usually can not survive alone in a wilderness. .
    Dogs and wildlife reserves do not mix. Except for genuine wild dogs as in African National parks, which hunt in packs of 60 or so. Even in Africa a lone wild dog can not hunt enough to survive.
    Animal “lovers” should never dump their unwanted pets out of doors and in national parks. The former “pet” animals they “love” so much will kill, and kill, and kill.

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