Jewoogle Censorship Prompts Shitlords to Launch “Operation Google”


Excerpt from Age of Shitlords

Google has really outdone themselves these past few weeks. As if their new terms of service update that would see several YouTubers lose monetization for their videos wasn’t enough, just two days ago, YouTube launched “YouTube Heroes“, a program that encourages users to mass report and flag videos for deletion. But it gets worse; Google just launched a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) program known as “Jigsaw Conversation”. The purpose of this AI is to find, delete and block comments and posts deemed as offensive. These includes comments that are “sexist, racist, transphobic, anti-immigration, Islamophobic….etc”.

The AI works by detecting keywords and terms related to offensiveness. Typing words like “Nigger, Faggot, Tranny, Kike…” etc, will get you flagged and labeled a harasser. YouTube videos, search results, emails and basically everything you do online including those words will get you in trouble. Blog posts that contain these words will not show up on Google search results (This article you’re reading right now will not appear on Google search, because I technically used those words). In short, Google just declared a war on Trolls. The Verge reports that the machine has been trained on over 17 million comments and has perfected navigation of the Internet. Needless to say that this machine is the real deal. Lots of Feminists and SJWs have begun praising the program as a step forward in the fight against “Online harassment”, but more on that later……..
Since this is a war on Trolls, it sounds to reason that the greatest Trolls online, 4chan, weren’t going to take the news very well

It’s not just a war on trolls. There’s a component of honesty that Google is suppressing. Almost all the comments on black attack youtube videos are “racist,” with potentially millions of commenters blacklisted by Google and youtube as a result of their new policy.

There’s more at Age of Shitlords, but these two images explain the basics of the plan to fight Google’s censorship.

14 thoughts on “Jewoogle Censorship Prompts Shitlords to Launch “Operation Google”

  1. It will work for me – also Googler or Noogler for instance. I already practiced Ni66er on more restricted sites and it worked. Disregarding Jewoogler’s insidious intentions, it’s time for an alternative to Google, I mean REAL alternative, even alternative Internet, as Tor isn’t alternative.

    • Right, Lew. I hope this backfires on Google and it stirs a demand for an Internet free from censorship. I already took the picture of the white female race traitor below and put it up on #googleriots calling her a google lover.

  2. What will the google themselves do ? After all they use the N-word more than anyone else. Then there are all of those films on youtube that include the word.

    It’s one of the few words they’ve managed to spell.

    Still get it through duck duck go. http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/html/

    If this is able to take off. I have a feeling google (The search engine.) will regret it.

    Bring it on.

  3. Can’t wait for google history month to come round. Will that be fun.

    Supposing someone shouts google….blah, blah, blah in the street. He can’t be arrested for that, can he ?

  4. his is the same search engine that…..

    “Google Photos labeled black people ‘gorillas'”

    “SAN FRANCISCO — Google has apologized after its new Photos application identified black people as “gorillas.”

    On Sunday Brooklyn programmer Jacky Alciné tweeted a screenshot of photos he had uploaded in which the app had labeled Alcine and a friend, both African American, “gorillas.””

    • The truth hurts! Actually googles are more closely related to chimps and baboons. Gorillas are gentle vegetarian creatures. Googles are violent, dangerous and eat meat, especially low quality as in hamburgers.

  5. ” “sexist, racist, transphobic, anti-immigration, Islamophobic….etc”.
    Crikey there goes my fun. In future I have to refer to Coons as Googles. Where can I attend my compulsory sensitivity training course?
    These Skypes are real Cunts. they must be stopped. Their pet Googles are out of control.

    I recall years ago that Microsoft censorship was stopping women from finding articles about breast cancer. The word breast was considered obscene in those days, almost 20 years ago.

    Gee I hate those phobia words. I was called homophobic recently. I said no, I am not afraid of homosexuals.
    Are ISIS afraid of homosexuals? The Skypes would say yes, they are. You throw them from tall buildings so you must be afraid of them.
    Using this “logic” the Skypes are terrified of Palestinians because they keep killing them. Skypes are Pallyphobic.

  6. A conference is needed ASAP, at Wannsee (Berlin) maybe, for a Final Solution To The Google Problem.
    I hope that Monsanto, the Fluoridation people from the aluminium industry, the dumpers of chemicals from the air “chemtrailists”, the mad genetic scientists, philanthropist do goods like Bill Gates and other Google wiper outers will attend.
    Immigration and Emigration of Googles is not the answer. Extermination and sterilization is the answer. No more food or medicine for young adult Googles in any country unless they buy it with hard earned money.
    No more white man altruism. Harden up, white man!

  7. PJ, I have reactivated my blog. So far, I’ve only finished the graphics and got my first post up, but I have the next three days off, so I’ll be working on it all weekend. Check it out.
    As for this article: this sort of thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth because all we’ll accomplish is reversing the latest evil, but it’s admittedly effective.

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