Black Woman Gives Out Free Water and Donuts to Cops & National Guard in Charlotte

She’s going to pay a price within her own community for her act of treason to the black cause.

As far as I know, this common-sense speaking woman has not been featured on the national news.

Stay safe, nice lady.

2 thoughts on “Black Woman Gives Out Free Water and Donuts to Cops & National Guard in Charlotte

  1. OK, exceptions do exist, even within Black people. But, why the hack she did it, why exposing herself in such risky way, Niggers will not forgive her this and certainly not Soros’s agents. It’s possible it might be just a prank, a cunning satirical respond on the whole conflict.

    In the other hand she looks CALM, rational and intelligent Black woman, which is quite a RARITY. The way she explained her intention makes it believable, and I wish her to stay safe. Could it be that this woman has some inner Whiteness, a phenomenon opposite of Rachel Dolezal inner Blackness?

  2. “for her act of treason to the black cause.”
    No, her actions help the black cause. The rioting Googles and their Skype handlers do not represent the majority of Googles.
    The rioters are mostly Google men, not Google women. plus a sprinkling of Skype anarchists in the pay of Soros.
    The tiny number of Muslim men blowing themselves up and killing their perceived enemies do not represent Muslims as a whole. However the rapists of Rotherham do represent Paki men.
    George Bush and Dick Cheney do not represent whites as a group.
    Most people in the world are good, in the sense that they do the best they can and try not to harm others.
    Did the five dancing Israelis filming 911 represent Skypes as a group? Unfortunately, yes.

    Soros is truly evil and his fellow Skypes are deliberately destroying both the world of Muslims and the world of the Googles. Then they use these people to destroy our world, the civilised world of white people. The (((MSM))) is deeply complicit in inciting, organizing and publicising the Goggling riots. The (((MSM))) is the main recruitment arm of ISIS. If this seems hard to believe, check out the incredible free publicity they give to ISIS and #Googlelivesmatter. Often the lead news story or front page with glamor photos.

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