Angry African-American Woman Goes on Epic Rant Against Institutional Racism in USA

The Twitter video lasts a minute and a half or so. The unidentified black woman was given air time on what looks like MSNBC to express herself.

She did. Angrily.

I don’t like her. But hey, she’s a strong, independent black woman, so who am I to judge. The white woman on screen with her is just there as a prop to make whites look bad.

No one will stand up and say, “The racism is all in your mind. Grow up.” She’s ranting over an incident in which a black cop shot and killed a black male with a gun in Charlotte, North Carolina.

4 thoughts on “Angry African-American Woman Goes on Epic Rant Against Institutional Racism in USA

  1. It’s really hard to understand Negroid people. They are unhappy, they hate country where they leave, and they demand and demand and demand…from others (Whites) to do something for them.

    In Europe, when certain ethnicity or the whole Nations aren’t happy within the certain state they demand SEPARATION from the other Nation. Yugoslavia for instance, and similar case had been or is with Scottish, Basques, Czechs, Slovaks, etc. Sometimes it goes peacefully sometimes it’s conflicting. Even ex USSR Nations separated orderly with consent.

    American Africans (“african americans” if they wish) as utterly dissatisfied and “oppressed” minority never demand or suggest SEPARATION or tendency to have own state or country. Those that do are so rare that aren’t worth of mentioning and Liberia is already forgotten case. How come that American Africans do not follow the most logical pattern of independence – SEPARATION.

    Weird people, I “sincerely” wonder why they don’t.

    • Andrew Anglin calls them children. They are child like to a degree, but much more destructive than small children.

      They want to blame others for their problems. If a hundred years from now the US is a Latino nation, blacks will still be blaming whites but they’ll also be blaming Latinos for their falling behind every other group.

      Children. Think of them that way and see if it makes any sense.

  2. “she” is not a woman, but a botf, as the book says. YES, all/most botf are racists, or pro-their own, w/o reason, and Anti-White. the botf are NOT allowed to leave nubia, nor Malaysia, their only habitats.

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