Why Do The Elite (And Disproportionately The (((Elite)))) Promote Miscegenation?


Do the right thing. Marry a nice black man and prove you’re not a racist.

Not ready for marriage. Then the least you can do is f*ck muh nigga, darlin’.

These are the not so subtle messages sent by the (((elites))) to white America. Unfortunately, the message is taking hold. Whites are marrying outside their race more than ever.

It’s trendy. It’s fashionable.

It’s genocide.

Chateau Heartiste

You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the active and accelerating Western elite propaganda campaign to promote miscegenation, particularly of the White woman-black man variety. So the question becomes, why are the elite doing this?

A Twatterer (@JamesGaius) gets to one of the prime motivations, in my opinion:

Perhaps that is why (((they))) promote miscegenation. Produces more rootless people who don’t understand populism.

The elite fear populist revolts, as they should, and they intuitively know that populism is racial identity by another name, so in their globalist whore minds it makes sense to decouple their current nation of residence from its racial roots. Miscegenation is a permanent and devastatingly complete decoupling, forever severing the race ties that emotionally bind a people to their land. In this way they hope the resulting mulatto mudslide (which they will not allow to pollute their own families, of course) will bury…

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4 thoughts on “Why Do The Elite (And Disproportionately The (((Elite)))) Promote Miscegenation?

  1. Brilliant anatomy of mudsharking, and I am emphasizing MUDSHARKING, because predominantly White girls and women due to peculiarities in their psyche degrade themselves with Niggers. Another emphasize is on NIGGERS, where it’s evident that White females tend to mate with animalistic ape-like Blacks or Niggers, and as a certain phenomenon, rarely with more intellectually appearing Blacks. Probably the most remarkable sample was Heidi Klum and her Negroid primate.

    Equally remarkable sample was Elin Krantz, where he literally mocked from inter-White relations. Luckily her mockery ended abruptly and brutally and justice has been served. I would die to witness her last seconds, last traces of eventual sanity and awaking in her eyes. Although insufficient, but Niggers temperament in “loving” relations with mudsharks might help to light some sanity within potential, yet inexperienced coalburner hordes.

    Every mudshark should be aware that their Niggers don’t love them. I could bet that they hate them to their very bones. These stupid cunts serve to Niggers just as a symbolic revenge where Nigger humiliates his prime adversary – White Man, and of course he lifts his ego and status within own barrel.

      • You are absolutely correct PJ, they view muhdiking a white woman as a trophy. The same goes for white homosexual men, the same pressure from (((the elite))) applies to homo as well as hetero.

        In the Boston area I am seeing as many mudsharks with big black gorilla and niglets as traditional white couples. I also dee too many (((sjw))) women/couples with their fresh out of afrika adopted niglets and everyone ooh’s and ahh’s at the little store bought niglets “ohhh so progressive and PC”

        we’re doomed

  2. Advertisements are really troubling. There is absolutely a push for white women and black men to mate. It drives me crazy, but I haven’t figured out the complete reason or sources, but I have my suspicions. It is just constant, and so obvious.

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