Sickening: Angelina Jolie Feels No Kinship with Her Natural Born WHITE Child, Only with her Adopted Nonwhite Sprogs

Click to enlarge for readability and then prepare to gasp. Angelina Jolie has surely been inducted into some sort of Satanic cult. Her own flesh and blood child has been, as you know, a cross dresser since she was a toddler.

Only a monster would describe her birth child as a “blob.”

And this is one of celebrities that Americans have made rich, famous, and powerful. For shame.

[Seen at Reddit’s alt right subreddit.

Read more about Angelina Jolie and her “blob” at Fox News

20 thoughts on “Sickening: Angelina Jolie Feels No Kinship with Her Natural Born WHITE Child, Only with her Adopted Nonwhite Sprogs

    • The hag is so overrated it is unbelievable. For years I told people that she is not that good looking, that her breasts (when she had them) were unreal and silly looking, that her acting sucked, etc. Now she is trying to rip off her husband!!

      Angelina, you should have been sterilized early in life, prohibited from adopting any children whatsoever, and granted absolutely no influence. Diane Lane is a million times hotter than you despite being much older, Elizabeth Shue is a million times hotter than you despite being much older, Jennifer Anniston is a million times hotter than you despite being much older, etc., you are not “hot.” You are a media creation.

      To sum it up Angelina; you do not have cancer- you ARE cancer. Now piss off.

  1. Looking at that picture, none of her brood look very happy. The niglet already has that look of “ahh’s gonna f**k you up muddafugga

    As the little darlings get older will there be a suppressed nooze item that she and her white child were machete’d in her sleep by her brood

  2. Sounds like it’s not far from child abuse, if it isn’t already. A.Jolie speaks like justifying her present/future actions.

    Part’s of parents(caregivers) attitudes usually get projected into their children, I fear the adopted ones could take her attitudes and abuse poor girl with relative impunity.

    I might be a bit biased on this opinion, because in my life I have been abused by a person that spoke in a similar fashion, attempting to justify such attitude.

    I feel sorry for poor child as it seems she will be last in line for good stuff and the first to get blamed, often for stuff she didn’t do. But then again, It might be just me.

  3. Theory: Brad Pitts better grab his biologically three children to make it even with Jolie because she cannot handle all six children of course have {nanny}.Brad maybe already knew whenever Jolie speak so highly of Maddon and he probably got tired of hearing it. Brad need to be smart up and get full physical custody of his biologically children because Jolie maybe could have spoiling rotten on all non-biology three kids than her own kids. Of course Brad’s mother Jane did notice and then to mention Brad it first appear about Shiloh is UN-attention and not enough love and Jolie had a fit about it.. that was at time when Shiloh was toodle at that time. that’s why Shiloh got cross-dressing to be maddon part 2. so she able to have bit attention and love. would this to be wise if Brad get custody of his kids and move back in America and raise them well and takes a very long time to straight Shiloh’s life. she was pretty bit damage done by Jolie and non-biology kids. the child support for all six children will be heavily very expensive child support {no fun} to blow a whole chuck of money. Brad can afford top attorney to get his biologically children out of there if he got brain for it. Maddon is the one hog over whole attention in family. Jolie didn’t care as long Maddon is around.she had Maddon before meet Brad so that’s explains why.

  4. How exactly is a child priviledged when she’s not even two years old? how?
    Damn this liberal brainwash makes people so fucking retarded.
    She says the others were survivors, but her own daughter is priviledged… At the same time forgetting about thousands or more white babies in the US that are misstreated from day 1.
    I don’t know, i just can’t understand how offering your child a good life (more or less since she’s a retard, but at least she didn’t starve or other things) is somehow priviledged.
    When blacks make 10 children in africa and they starve because they can’t feed them, and people in Europe make 1-2 children but try to give them the best life possible, it’s not priviledge, it’s parents actually being responsable instead of just fucking non-stop and hoping someone else will take care of their children.

  5. Picture this:

    Oyez, oyez, oyez. Please rise, blah blah,blah
    The right (((deplorable))) family court Judge Hugh Mongous presiding…

    Okayyyy, (takes a sip)

    This custodial hearing is now open. Here’s the deal:

    You, YEAH YOU you demented C..T, stand UP! Voight
    Okayyyy, (takes another sip)
    You keep them shitskins and, on some future traffic stop, hopefully, they will eventually resist complying to police orders and… you know the rest.

    You Mr. Pitt, you get to keep your NATURAL kinship issues, ALL three of them. After sobering-up of course (having divorced from (((her))), this shouldn’t take too long)

    Case closed.

  6. Shiloh can live with us. We may not have much money, but we’ll teach her how to hunt and fish and love her heritage and her ethnicity. What else can parents give their children?

  7. Angelina Jolie Feels No Kinship with Her Natural Born WHITE Child, Only with her Adopted Nonwhite Sprogs??????? That bimbo has psychiatric problems ??

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